It was one of the first Fort Worth restaurants for vegan tacos. Now it’s closing

Mariachi’s Dine-In, a rare woman-owned taqueria serving both traditional and vegan tacos and enchiladas, will close May 31.

Ashley Miller, a co-founder and owner for six years, is moving to east central California, she said.

“I’m proud we were able to serve both vegan and classic food, and to do it for six years — running two menus at once is tough,” she said.

When Mariachi’s Dine-In opened its first location in a gas station-grill near downtown, it was one of few choices for vegan Mexican food.

A burrito bowl and street tacos at Mariachi’s Dine-In.
A burrito bowl and street tacos at Mariachi’s Dine-In.

In 2021, it moved to 5724 Locke Ave. in Ridglea. Co-founder Angel Fuentes split to open a new restaurant, Guapo Taco, in the 301 S. Sylvania Ave. location.

“I think the market for taquerias and vegan food has really grown,” Miller said.

Last year, Mariachi’s also hosted a short-lived plant-based barbecue restaurant, VBQ Smokehouse.

“I think we learned that concept needs to be mobile, to go where the customers are,” she said.

Ashley Miller at Mariachi’s Dine-In.
Ashley Miller at Mariachi’s Dine-In.

Miller is moving with her family, she said.

Mariachi’s business is fine, she said. The restaurant has built a regular following for regular or vegan birria tacos and the cashew-squash vegan queso.

Mariachi’s is the second taqueria within two blocks to close recently. Toque Mexicano, 5822 Camp Bowie Blvd., closed last month.

Two California-owned chains, Qdoba and Rusty Taco, are nearby on a street where restaurants serve families from both the Ridglea and Lake Como neighborhoods.

“You hear ‘76107’ and you think upscale, but you really have to ride a fine line with service and pricing that appeals to everyone,” she said:

“We draw such an amazing mix of people. We get families where a daughter is vegan but Dad’s not even close.”

In a farewell Facebook post, she wrote that the ending is “bittersweet, but I am full of gratitude.”

She signed it, “Thank you for all the love, Fort Worth.”