The One Drink Lance Bass Is 'Very Proud' That People Love Now

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Lance Bass

How I Holiday<p>Parade</p>
How I Holiday


Whether you consider yourself a true millennial or are just someone who loves the nostalgia of the '90s and early 2000s, you know the impact that boy bands had on the universe. While there have been plenty of boys bands to follow since, no one (and I do mean no one!) can compare to the boys-turned-men of *NSYNC.

Over the years, the group—which gave us a number of hits that run deep into the core of our memory—has given us the pleasure of seeing all five of its members take their own paths, unearthing their own separate personalities to the public post disbandment of the group in 2002. One person we've all loved to see let us into their life? Lance Bass.

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Now, more than 20 years since our first introduction, the kind and seemingly shiest member of the group has blossomed into the "Guncle" of our dreams. And, if you ask Bass, a damn good holiday host, too. But the one thing he refuses to do when hosting the party of the season is stress.

According to the self-proclaimed "frosted tips survivor" and new "Host in Residence" for Boursin Cheese's Maison Boursin Connection Collection (which includes everything you need to entertain properly including a fancy silk jacket), while hosting for the holidays usually feels unbearable for most, there is a way to make the experience as light as possible. And a good way to do that is through making a charcuterie board.

"I throw a party every year called "A Charcuterie Christmas" where everyone brings their own charcuterie board in fun ways. Last year, it was a "Charcute-Ri-Ri" — because it's also a contest too — so it was a big thing of Rihanna in a dress and it was all made of all kinds of cheese and vegetables."

Lance Bass for Boursin Cheese<p>Courtesy of Boursin Cheese</p>
Lance Bass for Boursin Cheese

Courtesy of Boursin Cheese

Though Bass's holiday boards may be a little more elaborate than what we're willing to do ourselves, the one tip he offers for taking your board to next level is to have items that fall into both the sweet and salty category. "You have to equal out that palate on the plate. One of my favorite go-to's is using the skewers and Boursin Bites. They already come in cubes and people think 'wow, you spent so much time cutting these all up.'"

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Simplicity seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Bass's entertaining tips as he also thinks easy 3-ingredient dishes should be your go-to items gracing your table for the guests. As for staple ingredients though, Bass shines through with a specific southern delicacy: pecans (which he appropriately pronounced piKAHN).

Of course, the pop royal considers all of the above to be great ways to keep your party nice, light and unforgettable, but everyone knows that a good party is nothing if a delicious drink isn't in your hand. And for Bass, there's one drink in particular that he has to have.

"My go-to party drink is an espresso martini, and I know that everyone's drinking it these days, but I've been promoting this thing for 15 years — that has been my drink," he told Parade. "Now people have jumped on the bandwagon and I'm very proud that people love it because back in my day, when espresso martinis started, it was creamy. It was very heavy like a dessert drink. I like mine nice and dark with very simple ingredients."

Although we can't all be invited to an epic Lance Bass holiday gathering (I'm very much hoping my invite for this year is just lost in the mail!), with these tips, we'll be able entertain and sip good like him all year long. And if you're still nervous about how to entertain this holiday season, you could always try your hand at nabbing one of the limited-edition Connection Collection boxes to make things easier

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