One creator is revealing her tips for journaling and writing: ‘This has been really cool for me’

Madison Wild (@madisonxwild), a fashion content creator who’s gained popularity for sharing her eclectically curated outfits, has revealed her personal tips for journaling and writing. For the 23-year-old TikToker, who, as of reporting has more than 619,300 followers on the platform, journaling for her is mostly “just brain dumping.”

“It’s just to get out everything you’re feeling, everything that’s really in your head. Everything you’re anxious about or just thinking about too much,” she said on Sept. 19. “Write it on a page, and then you’ll end up usually working through it somehow by writing about it.”

A study published in Family Medicine and Community Health in 2022 argued that primary care providers should recommend patients use journaling as a “non-pharmacological tool in the management of mental illness.”

“Given the low risk of adverse effects, low resource requirement and emphasis on self-efficacy, primary care providers should consider this as an adjunct therapy to complement current evidence-based management,” wrote the authors of the study.

If, however, you want to make a more creative approach to journaling but “don’t have inspiration yourself,” Wild suggested an alternative method.

“Reading a book and annotating it, and taking lines that really strike you and then trying to rewrite them in your own words is a really helpful place to start,” she said, before referencing “A Science Not for the Earth” by Yevgeny Baratynsky. “This is one of my favorite poetry books I’ve read in a long time.”

Li Bing (@lis.library), a New York City-based “reader, writer, linguaphile,” according to her Instagram bio, previously spoke about why she enjoys the process of annotating so much.

“Some books just have a few underlined passages, while others are covered in pens of all colors and dozens of sticky tabs,” Bing told Brit + Co. “Annotating feels creative in the sense that I am coming up with my own responses to the text, in a way curating the parts that I want to hold on to, or make my own, either by writing about them, discussing them, or just rereading them. I also find color coding by theme to be somewhat creative.”

Wild explained that rewriting profound words or statements you come across in a way that speaks to you, is another way to derive creative inspiration from journaling.

“Like, it’s the same thing and you get the same vibe, but it’s different. And then that will lead you into other things, and then that’ll give you an idea about why you wrote it the way you did,” she added. “You just take ideas of why you replaced each word with what and what that means to you, versus the idea that they were thinking.”

Wild, who recently relocated to Los Angeles from New York, said she felt compelled to share these tips because she used to journal without feeling inspired.

“But this has been really cool for me. So I would recommend,” she said. “Pick up a book that you like and do this.”

Fellow TikTok creators are grateful for Wild and the journaling/writing suggestions she had.

“She’s needs to be a teacher we need lessons like this!!!!” @thissadie wrote in response to her video.

“You are my comfort person on here. i’m excited to try this,” @picklesncooch replied. While @allison.castle added, “Everything you say resonates so well with my brain.”

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