The One Common Photo Mistake That’s Slowing Down Your iPhone


One of the reasons your iPhone could be running slowly has everything to do with your desire to capture every precious moment. We’re talking photos and videos — two of the best reasons to own an iPhone (because it takes amazing pics and vids), but also the culprit behind why you may be lacking storage space and experiencing a super-slowed-down device. But it isn’t simply the act of taking a photo that affects your phone in a negative way. This is the one common photo mistake that’s slowing down your iPhone — by being aware of this, you may help keep your device in better shape. 

You Aren’t Checking Your Photo’s File Size 

One common photo mistake that can slow down your iPhone is taking photos without first checking the photo’s file size, confirmed Tech Expert Rony Jahid, owner of “When you take a photo, the iPhone automatically saves a full-sized version of the photo to your camera roll. This full-sized photo can be several megabytes in size, which can quickly eat up your storage space and slow down your iPhone.”

To avoid this, Jahid recommends that before taking a photo, you open the Settings app and go to Camera. “Then, tap the switch next to ‘Format’ and select ‘Most Compatible.’ With this setting enabled, your iPhone will save a smaller, more compressed version of your photos to your camera roll, which will take up less storage space and help keep your iPhone running faster.”

Also: Your Phone Camera Takes Two Copies Of An Image

Another big storage eater, as well as a reason your phone is slower than usual, is that your iPhone camera could be taking two copies of the same image, according to James Chang. senior manager of Velocity IT.  “This accelerates the process of congestion and slows down your phone faster,” Chang said. “When you click an HDR photograph, the ‘Keep Normal Photo’ option is activated. When iOS takes a photo using these modes, it also takes a conventional photo of the scene. Users occasionally choose to save the original image if they plan to change it later. However, enabling this option would result in your iPhone using up twice as much capacity.”

Taking a number of photos and videos and keeping them stored on your phone will take up storage space, no doubt about it. Your best bet is to delete the media you no longer need and take steps to reduce your file size and ensure your phone is only taking one copy of the image.