The One Beauty Treatment Kassia Davis Can't Shut Up About

While we're all for frugality, we're also endlessly curious about the luxury beauty and wellness products and treatments cool people swear by. In our new series The One Thing, our favorite tastemakers, trendspotters and influencers are divulging the single beauty or wellness indulgence they can't stop telling their friends about.

Kassia Davis is practically royalty. Not in the aristocratic, British imperial, hasn't-been-seen-publicly-for-a-concerning-amount-of-time kind of way, but rather, one that's significant within the American fashion industry.

The Boston-based entrepreneur and mom of one (with another on the way!) was heir to the New Balance throne. Her mom and dad have served as the vice chairman and chairman, respectively, of the footwear company, since she was born. Though Davis spent more than a decade at the brand, she left to embark on a journey all her own, eventually launching KADA, a sustainably-minded ready-to-wear collection of elevated essentials, as well as joining PF Flyers as executive chairwoman, where she oversaw the iconic '90s sneaker brand's relaunch.

While Davis generally enjoys a no-frills approach to beauty, the 36-year-old knows that being part of the New Balance family affords her certain privileges, "chief among them being access," she says. Here, Davis remembers her earliest ideas of beauty, as well as the one treatment she'd want to scream about from the rooftops — especially as she's expecting her second child this spring.

Her first memories of beauty

"I was raised during a time when women still went to the office in suits and heels and with their makeup all done and their hair done. So my mom definitely set that example of always looking professional and polished when you leave the house. I saw that from a very young age every morning.

"People still see my mom today and they're like, I need to know what she does. Her skin is perfect and — she'll kill me for saying this — she's 75 years old. I am sure it's a combination of her Mediterranean background and her skin-care routine. She has always loved Lancôme as her makeup and skin-care brand. And so when I was little, I used to love going to the mall with her when it was time to refresh her products because they always used to give us a pouch of free samples. I felt so cool. And then my grandmother, my mom's mom, she was one of those grandmas who got her hair done every week and she had these perfectly long manicured nails. They were always painted pink. And I remember she used to keep her nail polish in the refrigerator. I don't know if that's a normal thing.

"Every time I had sleepovers with her, we would paint my nails. Fast forward 30 years, I'm still getting my nails done at least every two weeks. So that obviously had an impression on me."

"[My mom] prioritizes her skin-care routine more than I do. It takes her a solid hour to get ready in the morning and to get ready for bed at night. She's always decked out. I'm not, but I try to look decent.

How her skin-care priorities have evolved

"My skin's getting better in terms of how oily it is as I get older. But I've always had breakout-prone, oily skin. I hated it. But people always tell me, when you get older, you're going to be thankful."

"The biggest change over the years is that I never really cared about clean products the way I do now — especially after becoming pregnant. I'm not a fanatic about it, but I started to be really cognizant of what I put on and in my body. I actually noticed that it made a huge difference for my skin, too. A lot less dryness and fewer breakouts. I'm pregnant now again, but even in between pregnancies, I still continue to use clean products because my skin reacted to it so well."

<p>Photo: Courtesy of La Mer</p>

Photo: Courtesy of La Mer

The products she uses every day

"My favorite moisturizer is La Mer. It's super lightweight and it's really good for oily skin. The Concentrate Serum and the Treatment Lotion are both truly amazing. They're expensive but you only need a little bit at a time, and so it lasts — like, four to six months.

"For makeup, it's really all about convenience. What's the best product and brand that provides the most coverage and is the quickest and easiest for me to apply in the morning? My obsession right now is Ogee's [Complexion Stick], which I use as concealer and bronzer. And for mascara, I use a brand called Thrive Causemetics. It's amazing. It provides so much volume and length. It's almost like a liquid lash extension."

The one treatment she tells all her friends about

"The G20 Spa in Boston is my happy place. It's a one-stop shop. They do everything from hair to nails to massages to facials so you could spend a whole day there. I get their Hydrafacial Signature Facial — it's like $200 and it clears breakouts, it hydrates and it just makes me feel like a new person.

"They have a bunch of add-ons too, like red light therapy, scalp therapy and eye-focused treatments, but I just love the base facial so much. Every time I go, even my husband notices. He'll say, 'Your skin is so clear, you're glowing.' It makes such a big difference for my skin. It's pregnancy-safe, and there's always products that they'll remove from the treatment if I'm not comfortable with them, but it doesn't really take away from the glow.

"I've probably been going there for 10 years. I met my hairdresser there, and so that's how it started. And I realized that I could do everything. If I had an appointment to get my hair done, I could get my eyebrows done, my nails, everything. So it was just very convenient.

"I used to go a lot more for the facial, at least once a month. Now I'm lucky if I go every three months just because I have a lot more going on now and a child to prioritize versus my skin."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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