The One Battery Setting Tech Experts Say You Should Have Turned On On iPhone 14


If you own an iPhone 14, you might be wondering how you can prolong the length of its battery to get the most out of your new device. And there’s an answer to that question — the model come equipped with a setting that can actually prolong the life of your battery and make your phone that much more efficient. Suhel Rana, IT professional and the co-founder of, explains why you should turn on this one battery setting on your iPhone 14.

Optimize Battery Charging 

If you have an iPhone 14, there is one battery setting that you should turn on, according to Rana: this setting is known as “Optimize Battery Charging.” “This setting is designed to help prolong your battery’s lifespan by learning your daily charging habits and then making adjustments accordingly,” Rana said. 

Once you enable this setting, your iPhone will begin monitoring your charging patterns and will then make adjustments to ensure that your battery is charged in a way that is optimal for its health. “For example, if it notices that you typically charge your phone overnight, it may wait to start charging until shortly before you go to bed, so that your battery isn’t sitting at 100% for hours on end,” Rana explained. “This setting is most effective when used with an official Apple charger, but can also work with third-party chargers.”

Of course, you can always override the setting if you need to charge your phone sooner than it would normally start charging, Rana said: “But if you’re looking to give your battery a little extra TLC, “Optimize Battery Charging” is a great option to turn on.”

How Do You Turn On This Setting? 

“It’s important to keep this setting turned on because it can help to keep your iPhone battery healthy and working properly for longer,” Rana said. “If you’re not sure how to turn on the “Optimize Battery Charging” setting, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap “Battery.”

3. Scroll down and tap “Battery Health & Charging.”

4. Under “Optimize Battery Charging,” tap the switch to turn the setting on.”

If you have an iPhone 14, experts recommend that you keep the “Optimize Battery Charging” setting turned on to help prolong the life of your battery — it’s a breeze to do and can really make a difference.