On-Duty Air Traffic Controller Found Passed-Out Drunk

·Lead Editor

Photo: Thinkstock 

It’s true that directing planes is a majorly stressful job, but this is just ridiculous.

An on-duty air traffic controller at Springdale Municipal Airport in Arkansas was found passed out, drunk, and shirtless. He was later arrested.

According to reports, Philip Maschek was at his desk on Thursday when a pilot waiting on the tarmac for take off could not get a response from the tower, according to airport official Wyman Morgan.

“The tower operator has control and responsibility of the safety of the planes landing and taking off at the airport. It’s a very safety-orientated position,” explained Morgan, so the police were called. 

Maschek, who works for contractor Robinson Aviation, was swaying, slurring his words, and failed sobriety tests. He was also was too out of it to climb down a ladder in order to leave the tower, according to reports. 

Maschek was in charge of the airport’s towers for about two hours that morning, according to Arkansasonline.com. No one was injured. 

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