Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: a miniature LED device for unwanted imperfections

 Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser.
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser.

Earlier this year, Omnilux launched a new collection of mini LED skincare devices. Already well-known for the reputable Omnilux Clear LED face mask, the brand decided to for something a little different, focusing on devices that are half the size but just as powerful.

Featuring the Skin Corrector, Eye Brightener and Blemish Eraser, the Omnilux Mini line is an FDA cleared, flexible and affordable range of LED devices. Each one uses red, near infrared and blue LED light (depending on the product) to reduce signs of ageing and improve overall skin tone and health.

As a beauty tech reviewer, I test a lot of the best LED face masks and best skincare gadgets on the market. Most models aim to target a variety of skincare concerns, so I was really excited to explore a device that was specifically designed to treat certain areas and issues. I began with the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser, and let's just say, had a rather interesting experience reviewing it. Keep reading to find out my thoughts, and how effective it is.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: price and availability

The Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser has an RRP of £96.80 (including taxes) and is available to purchase from the official Omnilux website. Each device includes 14 single-use Hydrocolloid Patches.

However, there is an option to opt into a monthly subscription, with the initial payment costing £81.60 including taxes. With the first shipment, buyers will receive the Blemish Eraser LED device and 14 hydrocolloid patches. Following this, it's a monthly payment of £30.04 to receive 20 hydrocolloid refill patches every four weeks.

These two options make it easy for buyers who'd like to test the Blemish Eraser LED device first before committing to a subscription.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: unboxing and set up

As expected, unboxing the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser was an easy experience and required hardly any effort. When Omnilux said it was releasing a miniature LED skincare line, it wasn't joking. This thing is tiny, and the box entirely reflected that. It was actually quite refreshing to unbox something that didn't contain unnecessary packaging or leaflets.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser

Once opened, I found the Blemish Eraser device itself, 14 single-use hydrocolloid patches, one magnetic 2-pin charging cable and the user guide. I'll get onto the hydrocolloid patches in a second, but the smell they gave off was divine. Other than that, the user guide seemed simple to understand and the magnetic 2-pin charging cable was easily slotted into a USB-A plug.

After a quick read, I began by charging up the LED device. There unfortunately wasn't any indicator to suggest it was fully charged, but I wouldn't expect anything less for its size. I plugged it in for around 45 minutes and that seemed to do the job.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: design and features

As mentioned, the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser is an LED skincare device. This means it uses clinically proven wavelengths of light (blue and red) to naturally treat acne and breakouts. There are several different kinds of LED light, so the fact the Blemish Eraser uses two different kinds is impressive, especially for its price and size.

The blue LED wavelength (415nm) eliminates bacteria on the surface of the skin to neutralise acne flare ups. On the other hand, the red LED wavelength (633nm) reduces inflammation, pigmentation and redness, helping to boost cellular repair and circulation for a more vibrant complexion.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser

The other part of the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser is its hydrocolloid patches. These work by adhering the device to the skin for a hands-free treatment, perfect if you're doing something else at the same time.

However, I was really happy to see that they were infused with salicylic acid and green tea antioxidants. Not only does this smell amazing, but it provides extra skincare benefits to help clear congested skin and soothe irritation. Salicylic acid and green tea are two of the best ingredients for fighting spots and inflammation, so we were off to a good start.

As mentioned, there were 14 single-use hydrocolloid patches included, meaning there are 14 treatments altogether.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: performance

After the Blemish Eraser finished charging, I began treatment. I went though my evening skincare routine before peeling back the hydrocolloid patch's sticky side and attaching it to the device. I then peeled the other side (marked with a face icon) and stuck it on my forehead, where I had a rather nasty nodular spot growing. I then pressed the power button and it lit up, ready to begin.

I had the device on for 10 minutes (as recommended) whilst making a start on the washing up, and almost forgot it was there. It was comfortable to wear, and again, I enjoyed the aroma it was giving off. Once I had finished treatment, I removed it and took off the used hydrocolloid patch. A quick look in the mirror determined that my spot hadn't magically vanished (I think I would've lost my mind if it had) but I decided to head to bed and be patient.

The following morning, I noticed that the spot had reduced in redness. However, it was still very much there and the size hadn't really gone down. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed, especially as I was hoping for a more effective result.

Throughout my two weeks of testing (or however long it took me to get through the hydrocolloid patches), I tested the Blemish Eraser on a variety of imperfections and spots. First of all, I noticed that the results were more effective if I used it in the morning. I assumed this was because my skincare products from the previous night had absorbed, so it may have been easier for the LED to penetrate my skin. However, my spots still didn't really reduce in size, so my thoughts didn't change too much throughout.

I'm quite lucky to only suffer from one or two spots every now and then, but I can imagine this device wouldn't be ideal for those who suffer from acne. Not only would it be time consuming having to move it around your face, but you'd run through the hydrocolloid patches in no time at all, which could end up being extremely costly.

I think the hydrocolloid patches were effective, but I'm not sure the device did much. I often found myself thinking that I'd get the same results if I applied salicylic acid and green tea to a spot and left it there. For that reason, I found the Blemish Eraser to be quite limited in its effectiveness.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser
Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: verdict

I think the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser is an innovative addition to the LED skincare industry. Its multiple LED lights and hydrocolloid patches specifically target blemishes and imperfections, and are great features to see in such a small device. However, it's a shame the patches are only single-use, meaning it could get quite pricey if someone were to use the device regularly. I also found the results to be somewhat effective, and believe it wouldn't be appropriate for those who suffer from acne. That being said, I did notice blemishes reducing in redness and inflammation, especially when used in the morning. It's a good device if you're looking to only target one kind of skincare issue, but do consider whether you'd be better off investing in an LED face mask instead.

Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser review: alternatives to consider

One alternative to consider would be the ZIIP HALO, a microcurrent facial device lifts the skin and banishes spots. Microcurrent devices are a little different to LED devices, instead working by delivering an electric current to the skin cells and muscles in your face. However, both methods are effective at reducing blemishes and plumping the skin, so you can go with whatever works for you. It should be noted that the ZIIP HALO is a lot pricier than the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser, coming in at £379 ($399). However, it targets a lot of different skincare concerns, so it's a good choice if you're looking for something a bit varied.

Another alternative I'd suggest is the Omnilux Clear LED face mask. Whilst it's a lot bigger than the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser, you can select the blue LED light setting which specifically targets inflammation and blemishes. The idea of the Omnilux Mini Blemish Eraser is that it focuses on small areas, but the face mask version is also a good option if you're looking for more features and functions, and will end up costing less if you continue purchasing the refill patches. The Omnilux Clear costs £348 or $395.