OMG—JoJo Siwa Took Down Her Pony AND Went Brunette

Elizabeth Denton

If you have a kid, a little sister or are just really tapped into North West’s favorite influencer, you know who JoJo Siwa is. The 17-year-old Dance Moms alumn is impossible to ignore. Much like Ariana Grande, Siwas always wears her blonde hair in a high ponytail—and adds a big bow on top (from her own brand, of course). That’s why Siwa’s brown hair basically broke the Internet this week. With 11.4 million YouTube subscribers, 9.6 million Instagram followers and 26.2 million TikTok followers, the post of her hair transformation was seen by basically every fan around the world.

As she gets older, Siwa is slowly, very slowly, shedding her kid-like wardrobe. She’s...

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