We Finally Have a Trailer for "After Everything," the Fifth "After" Movie

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Hardin and Tessa's love story isn't over yet! Fans of the After franchise will be returning to the theater this fall with the newest installment in the romantic saga.

Back in August 2022, leading man Hero Fiennes Tiffin told us a new movie was on the horizon — and now we finally have a trailer, release date, and details about it. Hero's announcement arrived about two weeks before the theatrical release of After Ever Happy, the fourth film in the After franchise.

Below, find out everything we know (so far) about After Everything, from plot details to cast news, and more.

Is there a release date for After Everything?

Yes! The newest chapter in the After franchise will premiere in theaters beginning September 13, 2023.

Is there a trailer?

Yup, Voltage Pictures dropped the trailer on YouTube in May 2023 and we've already watched it approximately 8 zillion times.

Who stars in After Everything?

Hero reprises his role as Harden, and Josephine will return as Tessa.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, the After franchise’s official Instagram confirmed that actress Mimi Keene and actor Benjamin Mascolo joined the After Everything cast.

Mimi stars in the role of Natalie, while Benjamin portrays a character named Sebastian.

Further details of their roles were not revealed, but in one post, we see Sebastian and Hardin on a beach. Sebastian has a visible frown on his face as he looks down at Harden, who smiles and looks off into the distance. Hmmmm.

What will After Everything be about?

Hardin, struggling with his split from Tessa, is trying to finish his next book after getting pressure from his publisher. He books a ticket to Lisbon, Portugal to go after her.

FYI, there is a fifth book in the series by Anna Todd, titled Before, which is a prequel to Hardin and Tessa’s love story.

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There’s also a next-generation sequel in the works, which will follow Tessa and Hardin’s children, Emery and Auden, and their cousin, Addy. But although the characters of Tessa and Hardin will appear in the film, they won’t be played by Hero and Josephine, given the time jump.

Is this the last After movie?

Although the trailer mentions this is "the final chapter," there is still a prequel and sequel film in the works. It’s unclear if After Everything will be the last Hessa film that takes place in modern day, but no matter what, there are still two more films in the After universe on the way.

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