Is Olympic snowboarder Ben Ferguson dating anyone? Here's what a little social media lurking revealed

Is Olympic snowboarder Ben Ferguson dating anyone? Here's what a little social media lurking revealed

The U.S. Olympic snowboarding team is crushing it in Pyeongchang, and we have crushes on them. Okay, that might be a little goofy, but it’s true! It’s hard not to look at adorable, world-class athletes and not swoon a little. That in mind, you might be wondering if Olympic snowboarder Ben Ferguson is dating anyone. The halfpipe star from Bend, OR might very well be single…

First, a little context: What’s cooler than being cool? Ben Ferguson on a halfpipe. The snowboarder placed fourth in Pyeongchang, but it’s only his first Olympic games. He previously medaled in the X Games and at the Youth Olympic Games in 2012. In his spare time, he’s a real outdoorsy dude; he likes motorcycles, fly fishing, and generally anything you could describe as rugged. One of the only things he hasn’t shared with fans is if there’s someone special in his life. His Twitter page is mostly posts from his Instagram account, and his Instagram account is stacked with impossibly cool photos of the life of a professional snowboarder.

And from the apparent lack of a partner in those, it seems like Ben Ferguson might be single, for real.

The snowboarder has been practicing the sport since he was six years old, and competing for quite some time. In his interviews, he mostly discusses his sponsorships and his career. If there is someone special in his life, he keeps it super private. Ferguson hasn’t posted any lovey-dovey Instagram posts, and doesn’t share a ton of selfies. He seems dedicated to his work right now. That’s cool! We totally get it. If you’re gonna be an Olympic athlete who competes year-round, it makes sense that romance isn’t high on your list of priorities.

Backwards two’fer one to regular.. from last spring Photo: @blattphoto

A post shared by Ben Ferguson (@ben_ferguson) on Nov 28, 2017 at 9:56am PST

Of course, it could be that Ferguson *does* have a significant other, and just wants to keep their name under wraps. With all of his travel, though, it would be hard to disguise a person’s identity for too long. After all, you’ll have to take a picture together eventually! For our part, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.