Olympic Skier Trains For Next Season With Strange And "Impressive" Workout Routine

Olympic skier Fanny Smith isn't just a decorated ski cross racer; she's also handy when it comes to wacky exercise routines.

I don't use the term "wacky" derisively. Sure, what Smith does in the gym to prepare for winter is unconventional, but it also looks really, really hard.

Check out Smith's unique training regimen below.

Skiers are something of an oddity in the ski workout world; from leg blasters to ski simulator machines, we always find a way to stand out in the gym.

Smith is clearly no different, revealing with this video that her secret to ski cross success hinges on the creative use of exercise balls. This approach has paid off, too. The Swiss Olympian holds numerous pieces of hardware, from Olympic bronzes to World Cup medals.

Do you know what else jumping from workout ball to workout ball would make Smith at? Wipeout -- the show where contestants attempt to survive an outrageous obstacle course featuring large soft orbs suspended over water.

I know, I know, Wipeout is probably below someone of Smith's athletic caliber. Yet, I'd still love to see someone with her proprioception (my big word of the day) tackle a reality show obstacle course because, more often than not, contestants are like me: the average Joe.

Maybe that's the point, though, because someone with Smith's skills would likely cruise the Wipeout course flawlessly, which is decidedly less entertaining than watching a 41-year-old Math teacher eat it repeatedly. Wipeouts are in the show's name, after all.

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