Olivia Rodrigo’s fans are disappointed after receiving her Sour merchandise: ‘My jaw dropped’

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People are complaining about Olivia Rodrigo’s merch (TikTok / @delaneymccabe)
People are complaining about Olivia Rodrigo’s merch (TikTok / @delaneymccabe)

Olivia Rodrigo fans are expressing their disappointment after receiving merchandise promoting her Sour album that does not resemble the photos advertised online.

Earlier this year, the singer released merchandise including tank tops, T-shirts and bracelets to promote her debut album.

However, after lengthy delivery times, many customers are now sharing their frustrations with the merch they received on social media, as photos and videos show noticeable differences between the items depicted online and in person.

In one TikTok posted by Delaney McCabe earlier this month, the 20-year-old explained that she had just received her merch in the mail only to discover that it was a completely different shade of purple than the shirt she ordered.

“So I just got my Olivia Rodrigo merch in the mail and I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that there’s doesn’t look like it was supposed to,” McCabe began, before showing a photo of the faded-looking purple T-shirt with white writing that she ordered online. “Here’s the thing, tell me it doesn’t look like it would be comfort-colours, kind of faded. It looks like it would be like that.”

The TikTok user then showed the shirt she received, which is much more of a vibrant purple.

“I don’t want to be mean at all, but I feel silly, I feel like I’ve been hoodwinked,” McCabe said as she held up the shirt. “Like, whoever is in charge of this website has just tricked the masses.”

In another TikTok posted by a woman named Alex, who goes by the username @imcryingtopunisher, she compared the white triptych tank top that she ordered to the one she received, with the actual merch noticeably longer than the cropped length displayed online.

“So I ordered Sour merch in May and of course everyone is getting it now [and] there’s been a lot of controversy because tons of people are getting things and they don’t look like what they ordered,” Alex prefaced the video, adding that she personally has seen multiple viral TikTok complaining about the merch.

Alex then acknowledged that she was hoping “this wouldn’t happen to me,” before sharing a photo of the white tank top she ordered on Rodrigo’s website, as well as a promotional picture of Rodrigo herself wearing the shirt, before holding up the actual shirt she received, which is nearly double the length.

“As you can see, it’s literally off-centered,” Alex continued as she showed viewers a close-up look at the graphic on the tank top she received. “Also, the pictures are way smaller than it was assumed to be, and it looks like a dress.”

Posts comparing photos of the merchandise online to what was actually received by Rodrigo’s fans were also shared on Twitter, with one person posting a photo of a beaded bracelet reportedly ordered by her friend that was meant to read: “Sour” but instead reads: “Sur.”

“So my friend got #OliviaRodrigo merch and one of them says ‘sur’ instead of sour, like HELP WTF she waited two months for a bracelet that said ‘sur,’” the tweet reads.

In a different tweet, another fan shared a photo of the sweatshirt they received, as well as a photo of the hoodie online, before claiming that Ceremony of Roses was refusing to refund them despite the item arriving with rips on it.

@Olivia_Rodrigo merch team is refusing me a refund so I’ll show it here. The first picture is what I ordered, the second was the description of when I ordered from my TikTok versus what I got,” the fan wrote. “Olivia’s team has now changed the description to avoid false advertisement claims.”

In the “updated” description of the sweatshirt, the hoodie is described as “distressed,” according to photos shared by the fan.

The various viral posts about Rodrigo’s merch have also been met with an outpouring of comments from other fans who have claimed to receive items that don’t fit the descriptions online.

“My baby tee from her was a full-sized regular length T-shirt,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments of McCabe’s video, while another said: “Yeah, I got the off-white hoodie and nowhere did it say it would be distressed but then it arrives with rips.”

In light of the numerous complaints about the merchandise, a spokesperson for Ceremony of Roses acknowledged the issues in a statement to BuzzFeed, telling the outlet: “We are committed to providing the highest quality goods and services to Olivia’s fans and are aware of issues with a few of the products. We are working to resolve these issues moving forward and in the meantime, granting refunds or exchanges to anyone affected.”

A portion of the frequently asked questions page on Rodrigo’s website also addresses concerns about merch, with one section reading: “If your Olivia Rodrigo merchandise wasn’t exactly what you were looking for then please get in touch with us at the link below and we will do everything that we can to make it right!”

The Independent has contacted Ceremony of Roses for comment.

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