Olivia Ponton Returns to SI Swimsuit 2023

Olivia Ponton.<p>Amanda Pratt/Sports Illustrated</p>
Olivia Ponton.

Amanda Pratt/Sports Illustrated

Olivia Ponton made a marvelous impression in last year’s SI Swimsuit Issue as a rookie. The model returns to the magazine this month after being photographed by Amanda Pratt in Dominica. Ponton began regularly posting on TikTok during the pandemic. She grew her following to the 7.9 million fans it boasts today (plus 3.2 million on Instagram) through her casual, candid and non-curated content.

“The most meaningful DM or comment someone could [send] me is that I inspire them, or that I motivate them to work out or pursue their dreams,” says Ponton, who identifies as pansexual. “When young girls see me in the magazine, I hope that they see a human being to look up to that is part of the LGBTQ community.”

Olivia Ponton was photographed by Amanda Pratt in Dominica. Swimsuit by ANALINA.
Olivia Ponton was photographed by Amanda Pratt in Dominica. Swimsuit by ANALINA.

The Florida native, who talks openly about her sexual identity, uses her platform to advocate for self-love and kindness and encourages young fans to be confident in who they are. Though she experiences—and shares—her occasional bad days, she gives herself grace in those moments.

Ponton, who turns 21 later this month, has been featured in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Coach, Fendi, Marc Jacobs Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle. But nothing matches the feeling of a SI Swimsuit photo shoot.

“The day I just wrapped was basically every emotion that you can possible feel in the human body,” she gushed with a huge smile on her face while on location in Dominica.

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