Olivia Culpo Slays on Cover of Latest Fashion Magazine Issue

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The 2020 SI Swimsuit cover model is working on a new family reality series, leading some to wonder if she's the next Kim Kardashian!

2020 SI Swimsuit cover model Olivia Culpo has always been vulnerable with her 5.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s shared emotional posts about her struggles with depression and endometriosis, while growing her list of titles to include restauranteur and business-owner. Now, Culpo is opening up in a whole new way along with her family on the reality TV show The Culpos (a working title).

While gracing the cover of Fashion Magazine’s most recent issue, she spoke about the new venture, noting: “The cool part about it is that the show forces you to have conversations that you wouldn’t otherwise have and to confront certain uncomfortable things. I have grown a lot from that, and it has actually brought my family and me closer together.”

The Culpos, produced by Amanda Weinstein, who also worked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, follows Culpo and her sisters, Aurora and Sophia, as they live it up in sunny LA.

The show has created an easy comparison between Culpo and 2022 SI Swimsuit cover model, Kim Kardashian. Much like Kardashian, Culpo is used to defying expectations while seizing every opportunity presented to her. “I try to go through every door that opens itself and take advantage of every opportunity, and I try not to pigeonhole myself,” she said. Refusing to be categorized, she continued, “I don’t limit myself based on how others see me.”

See the Fashion Magazine cover here and photo shoot here

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