"Oh My Lord"- Pro Rider Manuals Down Rock Slab

Instagram - Yoann Barelli / CJ Hauptman

Nothing says British Columbia quite like a bunch of riders sessioning a huge granite rock slab. Yoann Barelli is no stranger to that scene and is arguably one of the best to do it, so when a clip of him rallying a rock shows up we pay attention.

Take a look at this rad clip from the man himself below.

Manualling down a rock like Yoann did here is incredibly challenging. It is directly contradictory to ride a trick that relies on momentum on a feature that demands braking control.

His trick here is gnarly, there is no question about it, but did the filmer one up Yoann? Check out CJ Hauptman's version below.

Funny enough, they each filmed each other's clips on this feature, so it is fair to say there isn't any animosity in the oneupmanship here. It's great to see young riders feeding off the experts to progress their riding and vice versa.

It also is a  really cool way to show there are always multiple ways to ride a feature and they can all be cool and styling. Keep the creativity flowing guys.

We look forward to seeing more from both of these riders in the future.

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