Can You Officially Start Wearing White Again On Easter?

Why this old-fashioned etiquette rule is not so clear-cut.

<p>Getty Images/Tom Merton</p>

Getty Images/Tom Merton

While most people are familiar with the old-fashioned adage about not wearing white after Labor Day, there’s always been ambiguity surrounding when it is deemed appropriate to pull out your white wardrobe again. Is it based on a certain date? Does the weather play a factor? Today, any strict rule about wearing white has largely been thrown out in favor of a more loose approach that allows for all sorts of bright, creamy exceptions. However, for those who find themselves wondering if it’s okay to reintroduce the white jeans and white linen dresses when spring heats up in the South, what’s the answer?

When Can You Start Wearing White In The Spring?

While there are many who still choose to live by the tradition-based guideline that you must wait until Memorial Day to wear white, there are others who favor a different date: Easter. In fact, Easter is sometimes seen as the true mark of being able to break out your best whites, and it does make sense in some ways. Below we've listed three good reasons for wearing white on and after Easter.

Solid Reasons For Wearing White Around Easter

Firstly, according to the real meaning behind Easter colors, the color white symbolizes purity, grace, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the culmination of the Easter season. This certainly makes it feel appropriate to don white on Easter Sunday if desired.

Secondly, purely based on weather and timing, Easter is usually around the official beginning of spring. Often the South has already graced us with high-enough temperatures to warrant breezy white linen.

Lastly, looking from a fashion perspective, if pastels are suitable for Easter, white doesn’t seem like too far of a jump. Pastel colors certainly don’t pair nearly as well with black. Not to mention, many babies and toddlers arrive to the egg hunt decked out in adorable white onesies and smocked outfits, so why shouldn't everyone be able to follow suit?

Wardrobe Rules Are Less Defined Today

All of this doesn’t negate the fact that you can wear white any day of the year. Even etiquette expert Emily Post agrees, saying that the decision is “more about the fabric choice today than color,” as well as that it’s much more logical to “wear what’s appropriate—for the weather, the season, or the occasion.” Even in winter, a fluffy white sweater or furry white boots are a festive way of keeping cozy on cold days.

Take that as formal permission to make your own decision regarding whether or not to wear white on Easter Sunday, or any other day.

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