I Officially Broke Up With Hard Seltzers For the Summer After Trying Bev

As much as I love a yummy craft cocktail or my trusted hard seltzers, I wanted to try something new for the summer. Something that made me feel like I'm living my best life, carefree yet trendy and chic, like I was in an Ariana Grande music video or a cast member of Siesta Key. And lo and behold, as I scrolled through Instagram, Bev's gorgeous packaging caught my eye. However, I was more intrigued by the fact that it's canned wine, so I knew I had to try it out.

If you are in the market for a new summer drink, you need to try Bev 's canned wines. For a drink that has zero sugar, these wines are on the sweeter end of the spectrum. All of Bev's canned wines have a little bit of a refreshingly fizzy, sparkling texture to them, which I loved. Each can has 11 percent alcohol content, and it surprisingly does not taste like it. Therefore, I highly recommend only drinking two to four per sitting; these will hit you like a ton of bricks - trust me.

With packaging so stunning and ultra-chic, Bev's canned wines are more than just a yummy drink. It's practically a summer accessory that deserves a dedicated grid post on our Instagram feeds. The bright colors and sleek design of the cans are vibrant and such a summertime vibe. Who knew a canned alcoholic drink could be so trendy and glam!?

Overall, Bev's canned wines are pretty much the White Claws of wine. If you and your friends are vinos and true wine connoisseurs, it's not as refined as a high-quality authentic bottled wine. However, if you love sweeter wines or sparkling wines, Bev's canned wines are worth it. Bev is perfect to throw in a cooler for chill beach hangouts, pool parties, picnics at the park, and more. The canned wines are packed with flavor, with each flavor being so distinct from one another, even though they are all sweet. Although Bev will not replace your traditional wine bottles, it's a refreshing alternative to the same old hard seltzers and beers.

From the packaging down to the taste, Bev's canned wines are perfect for summer parties, casual hangouts, and overall having a good time. It's hot girl summer in a can. Keep reading to see my thoughts on all of Bev's flavors.

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