Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren Are Officially Coming Back for '1923' Season 2

1923 renewed season 2
Here's Everything to Know About '1923' Season 2Paramount+
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It's been a weird year for Yellowstone fans, to say the least. But despite the news of our favorite show ending (with an unknown spinoff in the works), we still have 1923 season 2 to look forward to!

The prequel series created by Taylor Sheridan (starring none other than Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren) blew fans away with its riveting plot and cliffhanger of a finale in the first season. So, you could imagine how impatient we are as we await season 2. We got the news of 1923's renewal back in February—which in hindsight, feels like a lifetime ago.

We have much to unravel in this upcoming season. If you need a refresher: The early leaders of the Dutton ranch—Jacob and Cara Dutton—were last seen leaving court with a hard loss. Alex and Spencer were headed to Montana to help the family, but even after hopping onto their third boat—they still couldn't manage to find their way there. In fact, the couple is forced to separate after a dramatic fight between Alex’s ex-fiancée and Spencer ensues.

A lot of questions remain unanswered, but it's clear everyone is ready for one thing: season 2! Read on for all the details we know about 1923 season 2, including what it will be about, updates about when the series will return, cast news, spoilers, and more.

When will 1923 season 2 premiere?

Unfortunately, we might have to wait a bit. While there was never a confirmed premiere date—filming for 1923 season 2 was supposed to begin on June 5, 2023, according to NBC Montana. However—due to the ongoing WGA strike, production of the show has since been postponed "indefinitely," according to Butte Civic Center manager Bill Melvin.

For context: Paramount and Taylor Sheridan have a contract that allows the production company use the Butte Civic Center (located in Butte, Montana) for film sets and storage. In fact, they are paying the center about $75,000 a month to use it.

While it's reported that the civic center is ready for whenever production is set to start—we'll have to wait for the WGA strike to settle before we can expect filming to begin.

What happened to the Dutton ranch in 1923?

1923 season 2 explainer

Alright, saddle up because you're in for a wild ride.

We'll start with the aforementioned court debacle between Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Banner (Jerome Flynn). Banner was on trial for two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder—tipped to the sheriff by Jacob. But in the finale, Banner is acquitted of these charges and released without bail. (He hired Whitfield—a witty, expensive lawyer.) Immediately after the trial concludes, Banner does what he does best: taunt the Duttons and even gives Jack a nice punch to the face. (It was the '20s, so that must've been a celebration antic held up in court. 🤷♀️) Banner also threatened Jacob's life for everyone to hear.

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We later see Banner talking to Whitfield, seemingly plotting for violent revenge. However, his lawyer convinces him that financial ruin is a better plot. And this seems to work because Jacob and Cara—who face fiscal problems regarding their ranch, were denied a loan to pay off their debts.

This enables Whitfield to take control. He ends up paying off the Dutton's debt, giving the family til the year's end to pay it back. If they fail to do so, well... they lose the ranch.

What happened to Spencer and Alex in 1923?

alex and spencer 1923 finale

Alex and Spencer's journey has a bit tumultuous. We've been waiting (for what seems like forever) for them to make it to Montana. Spencer is essentially the Dutton ranch's last hope, so the longevity of his trip back is somewhat frustrating. Alex and Spencer finally board a third, fancier ship to their destination, and all seems promising. But that's until they run into Arthur, Alex's jealous and spiteful ex-fiancé. Arthur and his family are passengers on the same boat—and are less than happy to see that Alex has moved on so quickly. (We find out that Alex left Arthur rather suddenly, just moments before they were to be married.) After days of tension and much hostility, Arthur drunkenly challenges Spencer to a sword duel. Though everyone is against this idea, the two eventually battle it out, with Spencer defeating Arthur a little too fast. Not sitting well with Arthur, he pulls out a gun and aims to shoot (possibly kill) Spencer. So, as an act of defense, Spencer throws Arthur off the boat—more than likely killing Arthur.

It's now worth mentioning that Arthur's family were royals back in London. (His father is the Earl of Sussex!) So this gave his family a full range of power on the boat, which they used to imprison Spencer. However, the boat's captain agreed that Spencer acted in self-defense, freeing him of the charge. But Spencer is forcibly removed from the ship at the next port while Alex is trapped, inevitably keeping her on. The two scramble as they are separated, shouting one last emotional goodbye to each other, with Alex promising that she will find him.

What will 1923 season 2 be about?

Given the major cliffhangers we were left with in season 1, we can expect 1923 season 2 to center around Spencer hoping Alex will somehow come find him—that's sure to be a dramatic journey. With the Dutton ranch at its impending doom and Spencer not being able to help, we can also expect Jacob and Cara to go through a rough time to help save their family's land.

Who will star in the cast of 1923?

1923 renewed season 2

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will still be our leading actors! They play the tough-as-nails Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton. Brandon Sklenar is also expected to come back as Spencer, while Julia Schlaepfer will make her return as Alex. As far as everyone else goes: More information regarding the 1923 season 2 cast will be added as we receive it.

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