Off Their Game Week 5 - Miles Sanders

FFL Flash Alert - Can Eagles RB Miles Sanders sine for fantasy managers in a Keystone State showdown?

Video Transcript

- Tank, what about you?

TANK WILLIAMS: Man, I'm going the Miles Sanders. Last week, I said that he needed to ball out against San Francisco, because Carson Wentz has been playing like Booty Booty Buttcheeks. And at the same time, neither one of these guys balled out, but at least Carson Wentz' fantasy score looked OK. My man Miles didn't do anything for me.

Now he has to go against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense-- first in rush yards a game, first with rushing touchdowns, limiting all teams to the lowest in the NFL. And now we have Miles Sanders, who only has one touchdown on the year, and tied for 20th in rush yards. So I thought he was gonna be a rose last week, but roses only smell like boo, boo, boo, and Miles is gonna play like boo-boo again this week.