Off Their Game Week 16 - Robby Anderson

FFL Flash Alert - The Panthers WR finished with 21 receiving yards last week - and Tank Williams thinks he'll struggle again vs. Washington.

Video Transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: I'm going with Robby Anderson. I mean, I think the same reason why I'm always telling people to play folks against the Dallas Cowboys' defense, like I'm telling people not to play folks against the Washington Football Team defense-- I mean, they gave the blueprint to how you beat the Steelers, and they ain't been right since.

And you've got to admit-- I mean, Matt just talked about it-- I mean, these same Washington Football Team guys shut down DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. So when you're going against a team at Carolina where they're trying not to get injured, and they're trying not to get the [INAUDIBLE] before they end up on somebody's [? Islanders' ?] off-season, and the Washington Football Team was still playing for something, I think it's an easy, easy decision to go against this guy, especially in this match-up against a really good defensive secondary.