Off Their Game Week 11 - Robby Anderson

With P.J. Walker in at QB, the Panthers wideout could be poised for a down game.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: I had Robby Anderson cued up. And I still think he needs to be downgraded, not because of the reason, though, not because of PJ Walker. I actually think, as we alluded to earlier in the show, that this could be a good opportunity for Robby Anderson to find the end zone because of the Temple connection.

But I also think that we need to look at him more as a low end wide receiver too. Because when I look at the game flow, Detroit doesn't have any play-- I mean, who's gonna fight back for the Detroit Lions? You got Matt Stafford with a bad throwing thumb. Kenny Golladay's out. D'Andre Swift is out. Danny Amendola is out.

I think this is gonna be a run-friendly contest because I don't think that Carolina is gonna have to do a whole lot. So I think in terms of volume, which has basically been buoying Anderson, we're gonna see a dip in that. So he's still a wide receiver, too, but downgraded a little bit for me.