Obsessed With Tyler Norris on ‘The Bachelorette’? Same, So Get Ready for Spoilers!

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The Bachelorette has arrived for yet another installment of messy drama, roses who never asked to be included in this narrative, and (hopefully!) love—and fun fact: this season has more men than ever before.

But in case you’re confused about how Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season is even going to work, basically they’ll both follow the show’s traditional format. Meaning, Gabby and Rachel will narrow their dating pool down to four finalists each, will go on four hometown dates each, and will then each pick a winner. Simple! But the slightly bummer news? We have no idea which men win this season. What we do know, however, is that Tyler Norris is someone to keep an eye on, so here are alllllll the details about him—including which Bachelorette he dates and how far he makes it!

Tyler Is a Small Business Owner From New Jersey

ABC describes 25-year-old Tyler as an “Italian stallion” who’s looking for the “love of his life.” Which apparently he hasn’t found as of yet over it Wildwood, New Jersey.

Anyway, ABC’s bio writer (🙏🙏🙏🙏) says that Tyler “isn’t afraid to be over the top” and “wants the kind of connection that is so profound, others will say that it’s the kind of love you only see in movies.” Or in this case, the kind of love you only see on reality TV shows that don’t exactly have a great track record for relationships lasting, but moving on!

He’s a Proud Dog Dad

I’m 🥺.

His Dream Woman? Vulnerable, Open, and Family-Oriented

More specifically:

“Tyler’s dream woman is fun, reliable, open-minded, and ready to come home and meet his wonderful and loving family. He wants to find someone who will be vulnerable with him and open about what’s on her mind; no surprises, please. If the connection is there, Tyler is the kind of guy who will give it his all. He’s ready to go big, so we hope that doesn’t send him home!”

Both Rachel and Gabby seem to fit the bill, but if you’re wondering who Tyler forms a connection with, that’s coming after this:


Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC

He and Rachel Hit It Off

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

Gabby is amazing, but looks like Rachel is Tyler’s choice on The Bachelorette, and yep—things get serious fast. In fact...

He Makes It to Rachel’s Final Four (But Doesn't Win)

Reality Steve revealed that Tyler is one of the four men who go on hometown dates with Rachel. Spoilers surrounding this season have been super hard to come by, but there is this!

What we do know is that Tyler doesn’t win Rachel's final rose, because he was cast on Bachelor in Paradise and, according to Reality Steve, leaves the show with Brittany Galvin.

Also, before we go and because you’re wondering, these are the “fun facts” ABC gifted the world about Tyler:

  • Tyler dreams of visiting every park in the MLB.

  • Tyler likes country music that he can dance to.

  • Tyler is not a good multitasker.

The more you know!

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