Observant TikTok user spots wardrobe mistake on 'Gossip Girl'

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Today, we’re bringing you some juicy gossip about a major wardrobe mess-up...

that somehow made it into the final

cut of an episode of “Gossip Girl” —

specifically, season 6, episode 4.

The error was spotted and caught on

camera by TikTok user skyehanamaikai.

“I’m watching ‘Gossip Girl’ and here is

Serena standing up … she looks good,”

skyehanamaikai says over the clip.

When it cuts to the next angle, though,

Serena — played by Blake Lively — .

can be seen wearing sweatpants under the same bodycon dress she was wearing before.

“She’s wearing sweatpants,” skyehanamaikai says as she stifles her laughter.

“Gossip Girl” fans couldn’t believe that

they had never noticed this before.

“I’ve watched gg 6 times already and

never noticed,” one user commented