NYC Shelter Introduces Their Sweet Senior Cats Looking for Forever Homes

All these cats need forever homes for the holidays.

In the United States there are hundreds of thousands of animals sitting in shelters who are waiting for an adoptive family to take them in and provide them a forever home. Unfortunately, since kittens, puppies and younger animals tend to be more desirable (AKA 'cute') to adoptees, senior animals are the ones who wind up being forgotten in shelters.

TikTok account holder @NYACC recently uploaded a heartbreaking video showcasing some of their older cats who need homes, and the following clip will make your heart break. 

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Oh we wish we could take them all home! No animal deserves to sit in a shelter all alone, especially during the holidays. @Popeye says, "I seriously don't get those who go straight for kittens. I've always adopted adult cats." "Praying so hard they find homes soon," adds @Vic. @Ketchoop types, "The senior cat I adopted was the love of my life. Senior cats are incredible and deserve so much love too!"

Doing their part, @Esjuliosbathingtime comments, "Boosting so these babies get loving homes!" So you know what to do! If you know anyone in driving distance of this shelter who has the means to give a homeless animal a forever home this holiday season, send them this link. We can't think of anything nicer to do for a homeless pet for Christmas. 

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