NYC Photographer Shows The World All Black Women Are Summertime Fine

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Cherry Collaborative/ Instagram

If you’ve spent any amount of time on this earth as a Black woman, chances are you’ve been told you can only wear certain things because of your complexion — and not in the vain of “this shade would look really good against your skin tone.” Most likely you were told to shy away from certain colors because they were too bright or too pastel or too whatever for your shade.

Well if you hadn’t already figured it out, Black girls can wear any bright or muted shade under the rainbow and New York City-based photographer Chandler Easley of Cherry Collaborative, an art agency, has proved that with his latest collection. Capturing a variety of Black women against a rainbow of backdrops, Easley shows how Black skin goes well with any and ever shade.

From portraits of models like JuJu to headshots of indie rapper Audra The Rapper, these beautiful pictures will surely have you screaming, Yassssss!

Check out a sample of the amazing shots after the jump!