NY nonprofit launches 'Hope Against Hate' campaign

The Asian American Federation in New York City has announced an anti-violence campaign in response to recent attacks against Asian New Yorkers. The Federation is seeking $30 million in government aid to fund the 'Hope Against Hate' campaign. (April 1)

Video Transcript

JO-ANN YOO: need to be able to address what is happening in our community to prevent further attacks and to be able to help the victims. So we are here to call upon our elected leaders from every level of government to ask for an investment of $30 million to be able to launch this campaign. But this really is a community solution that will address safety, get people help, but also to be able to prevent things from happening, not just in the Asian American community, to everybody.

JOO HAN: I'm sure many of you in this room right now have either been directly impacted or are worried and losing sleep that your parents, and grandparents, and aunts, and uncles, and loved ones are potentially going to be the next victim. So this investment of $30 million in this campaign to provide immediate street safety is something that's critical and needed right now.

And not many say they actually want to report. They actually don't want to report and put it out there. Or they want to be connected to services. So I think that's why our campaign, including making reporting more accessible and less threatening, I would say, because it's not connected to a government agency, is that we're actually giving people an opportunity to connect to services without doing it through formal channels. I think that's been a deterring factor for a lot of people in our community.