Nutribullet Is Hosting One of the Year’s Best Black Friday Sales – Save 20% With This Coupon Code

Some retailers really make us do our homework for Black Friday. Retailers like Nordstrom, Walmart and Amazon have literally tens of thousands of deals for us e-commerce journalists to puzzle over. And while we love hunting down the best deals for all of our readers, we do appreciate it when brands decide to keep it simple.

Case in point: Nutribullet is hosting one of the year’s best Black Friday deals on appliances by keeping it very simple indeed. Nutribullet shoppers can save 20% sitewide using the code “GRAVY”. That’s it! No complicated formulas or limited-time deals. Simply add Nutribullett’s most popular blenders, juicers and coffee makers (yes, Nutribullet does coffee now) and use the coupon code to save 20% in your shopping cart automatically.

The Nutribullet Black Friday sale will last through the end of November, so you have a few more days to take advantage of these savings. We’ve collected some of our favorite Nutribullet products below, and we recommend ordering any one of them to instantly upgrade your kitchen.

Nutribullet 600W Personal Blender

Small but mighty. That’s how we characterize this personal blender from Nutribullet, which has consistently earned top marks from SPY reviewers over the years. If all you need is a small blender for whipping up delicious smoothies for yourself, then this machine has all the features you need and a very reasonable price tag.

Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor
Nutribullet 600W Nutrient Extractor

Buy: Nutribullet 600W Personal Blender $79.99

Nutribullet Juicer Pro

Nutribullet’s signature juicer can help you whip up all the healthy juices and smoothies you desire, and it’s a perfect way to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. This 1,000-watt juicer has a powerful motor and easy-to-clean parts, which makes it the ultimate home juicing system.

NutriBullet Juicer Pro review
NutriBullet Juicer Pro review

Buy: Nutribullet Juicer Pro $159.99

Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe Coffee Maker

Today, the best coffee makers can switch seamlessly between single-serve Keurig pods and full carafes, which is why we were so excited when Nutribullet announced that their first-ever coffee maker would be a hybrid model. We got the chance to test out this new coffee maker, and we were very impressed with the quality of the brew. Head to Nutribullet and save 25% on this and other kitchen gadgets for Black Friday.

Nutribullet Brew Choice
Nutribullet Brew Choice

Buy: Nutribullet Brew Choice Pod + Carafe Coffee Maker $139.99

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