Nutella Hair Dye Might Be the Most Delicious Way to Color Your Hair

First, there was Dunkin Donuts coffee. Now, there’s Nutella and condensed milk. Abed & Samer, a salon in Dubai, is giving women light chestnut brown hair using Nutella and condensed milk.

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Beauty blogger Huda Kattan shared a video on Instagram of hairstylist Abed Allahitani using this method to color her hair. In the video we watch Allahitani drop three big drops of Nutella along her strands. Then he goes over the hair’s length and drizzles the condensed milk over it before going into foils. We don’t get to watch the entire process, but we do get to see the stunning caramel-color results.

Apparently, he's a fan of this method. A few days earlier he used the recipe on another woman’s hair. He started by painting it with the hazelnut spread. A little different steps, but still the same gorgeous results.

So how long does it last? And how does the process even work? We spoke with Color Wow's Joe Cincotta, PhD, to answer some of our burning questions. "Chocolate and hazel nuts contain natural brown pigments, called anthocyanins," he explains. "These anthocyanins when roasted or fermented oxidize to create the dyes." Therefore, if Nutella doesn't contain any artificial dyes these pigments will color the hair. However, he does note that the color will only absorb into already light blonde or gray hair. Although it is completely safe, he claims the color will only last a few shampoos. 

Now would you color your hair with this sweet treat?