A Numerologist Reveals Whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are Endgame or Not

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You’ve probably heard about astrology and how that can predict compatibility between romantic partners. Even Taylor Swift sings about “mismatched star signs” in her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault track, “Suburban Legends.” Well, numerology can also predict or analyze relationships and whether they’ll last. And just like Swift seems to have been in love with someone in the past whose zodiac sign didn’t mesh well with her Sagittarius sign, the same might be true for Swift and Travis Kelce according to numerology. 

Swift and Kelce have been out and about, showing off their new romance for the past couple of months. Things between the two seem to be going really well, with Swift showing up to a handful of Kelce’s Kansas City Chief’s football games. Even Kelce's dad, Ed Kelce, thinks the pair are "great" together. But what do their life path numbers say about their relationship’s future? 

Glynis McCants, expert numerologist and author of the books Glynis Has Your Number and Love by The Numbers, explains to Parade that she can tell a lot about someone and their life based solely on the day they were born and their life path number. People can find their Life Path number and their Attitude Number on McCants’ website, where she lays out how to figure it out.

McCants started doing numerology professionally in 1995 and has conducted over 50,000 readings at this point in her career—sometimes reading up to 500 people in a day. “When you study numbers to the degree I do, to my core, I get who they are,” she says. And because of that, she’s pretty certain that Swift and Kelce aren’t destined for a lifelong love story. Read on about what numerology says about Swift and Kelce’s romantic compatibility

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What is Taylor Swift’s life path number and what does it say about her?

Life path numbers are similar to astrology in that once you figure out someone’s life path number, it can really tell a lot about a person. There are multiple numbers to someone’s numerology blueprint, as McCants shares, but the life path number is “our most important number.” It’s a good place to start to find out more about yourself and a potential or current partner.

Taylor Swift has a life path number 7 and McCants shares that one aspect of a 7 life path number is spirituality, which comes across through Swift’s work—including her devotion and love for her mother, Andrea Swift.



“The 7 is the one that says, ‘Who am I? What am I? Why am I here?’ You can tell she does that in her work, right?” McCants says. “Well, if you look at a chart, she's got three 7s. So that means it's a huge part of her and it also means an air of mystery. So even though people think they know Taylor, they don't know Taylor.”

It's fun to find out her life path number because you can then make certain connections, like the fact that Swift has a folklore song titled "seven." But when it comes to what this life path number means, McCants shares that 7s need privacy more than any other life path number, and Swift has three 7s in her chart. This, of course, makes McCants laugh a bit because of the public nature of her relationship with Kelce.

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What does Travis Kelce’s life path number say about him?

On that note, Kelce is a 6 life path number, which means that he’s charismatic, magnetic and “the king of the castle,” McCants shares. 6s are also part of the creative-minded group of life path numbers (3, 6 and 9) and they love to express themselves.

“He's a very opinionated person and you cannot control this boy,” the expert numerologist tells Parade. She also notes he's born on a "5" day, which means "freedom, fun, adventure."

"So that means if it gets too heavy, he's like a cat who leaves... It’s overwhelming," McCants explains.

Kelce having a 6 life path number also poses a bit of a challenge for him and Swift’s 7. McCants shares that a 6 and a 7 together in a relationship “promotes a breakdown in communication.”

This is neither party’s fault, but their personalities do make it a bit harder to communicate well. And they have four "challenge numbers" out of six as a whole, according to their numerology blueprints.

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“If you have one or two challenges with someone, you can agree to disagree,” McCants explains. “If you have three challenge numbers out of six, you have to work on it. You both have to make a commitment. If you have four or more, you have to say to yourself, ‘Is it worth it?’”

Then why do these two look so comfortable together and like they’re having a love story made for the ages? Because McCants shares that having that many challenge numbers also “promotes chemistry.”

“These two have sizzling chemistry,” McCants shares, and that’s definitely hard to argue with. 

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are not really destined to go the distance, according to a numerologist

With all of this speculation based on Swift and Kelce's life path numbers, especially with the “breakdown of communication” not sounding promising, are these two meant to be together for the long haul? McCants would bet no.

“She's been unlucky [in love], and yet what she's done with it is turn it into hit songs,” she says. “And that is where my punchline comes in. If you said to me, ‘Glynnis, do you think she's gonna go the distance with Travis, or is he gonna become another song?’ My answer? Another song.”

And while their chemistry is great, their life path numbers and challenges between them create a magnetism that isn’t made to last.

“[People with 6 life path numbers] walk in the room, [and] everyone notices them,” McCants shares. “So now you have two people in a relationship that everyone's looking at. But if you have four challenge members out of six, it means when you communicate, sometimes you misinterpret each other.”

What does numerology say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce settling down together?

However, just like how astrology and tarot aren’t the end-all, be-all and shouldn’t totally run your life, Swift and Kelce could defy the numbers and make it work.

That being said, 2023 is not the year to settle down for Swift, McCants shares.

Everyone has a different personal year. In order to figure out what your personal year number is, you take the numbers of your birth month, birth day and the current year and add them up. Keep adding up your double-digit numbers until you get to a single digit and that’s your personal year.

For Swift, 2023 is her personal year of 5. The year 2023 is a 7 on its own, resonating with Swift’s 7 life path number. This potentially helped create such a big and successful year for the musician, according to McCants.

But Swift’s personal year of 5 made things harder for her, overall, because it meant she wasn’t in control and had to just roll with the punches. An example of this is the “Errors Tour” mishaps. There were so many during the Eras Tour that it made a great bloopers reel for the Eras Tour movie.

Essentially, McCants says she “would never encourage a real commitment in the cycle of 5,” but it makes for a great time to have fun.

Outside of what’s best for Swift, personally, Swift and Kelce do share a 6, which is “parent energy,” according to McCants. Plus, Swift has a 4 destiny number, meaning that settling down would be something very attractive to her. But, again, that’s a bit incompatible with Kelce’s destiny number.

“​​His destiny number's 5, which… I call it the cat,” McCants shares. “If you come on to the cat, the cat's out the door. You ignore the cat, the cat comes back.”

But this might be a bit of a confusing mix for Swift because on top of “parent energy,” Kelce’s 6 life path number promotes a “father energy.” This means his hugs are probably really great, according to McCants, because he inherently has a nurturing air about him.

However, again, that 5 means he does not want anyone to control him and lacks the desire to settle down anytime soon.

Does Taylor Swift’s 13 + Travis Kelce’s 87 mean anything?

As for the popular fan observation that Swift’s favorite number 13 and Kelce’s jersey number 87 add up to make the number 100, McCants doesn’t see a numerological explanation or connection.

However, she does note that just like Swift’s lucky number is 13, Kelce’s 87 jersey number breaks down to the number 6 (8 + 7 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6), his life path number. So, McCants notes that he’s chosen a number that’s lucky and tied to him as well—whether it was on purpose or not. And that 87 brings him success, which Swift might be drawn to.

“So you can say subconsciously, what she's drawn to, I think she loves people who are doing their best in their work,” McCants shares. “So in other words, some people have such an ego, they don't want you to be successful. They want you to worship them. Taylor's not that person. She wishes she could find a fellow powerhouse to go, ‘Yep, look at us, you know, we're a power couple.’”

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While numerology points to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce not being endgame, they still could make it work

If you’re not a numbers person like McCants or other numerologists, then that was a lot of numbers and numerology jargon thrown your way. But in the end, numbers and numerology can just be a nice way to steer you in the right direction or give you guidance, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw something away because longevity isn’t predicted.

So even though McCants shares that Kelce’s 6 conflicts with Swift’s 7, and that the three 6s in his chart mean he could either be a devil or angel (or both), it doesn’t mean that they can‘t go the distance. And maybe Swift met Kelce at the right time for it to work out in the long run.

Typically, Swift wouldn’t want to be super public with her personal life—which we saw with her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn—but because she’s in her year of 5, she’s having fun. It makes sense why she's dating a pro football player during the high time of his NFL season and rocking with what that means.

While that’s “not who she is,” according to McCants looking at her numerology blueprint, who’s to say she won’t go back to a quiet, private life and keep her Kansas City Chiefs player with her once things die down?

“Once I see the numbers, I go, ‘Oh, well, it's going to be tricky, right?' Because I can see the positive and the negative, and any of us can stay in a bad relationship,” McCants shares about reading someone like Taylor Swift’s chart. “But guess what? Taylor doesn't want a bad relationship. She wants to be madly in love.”

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