Now You Can Get Rock-Bottom Airfare Deals Via Text Message


DealRay sends airfare alerts. (Photo: DealRay)

We’ve all heard about the elusive airline glitch. You know, when an airline accidentally releases a fare that is waaay cheaper than it’s supposed to be?

The problem is that we always hear about these glitches after the fact. But one service is looking to change that.

DealRay is a website that sends users a text message when cheap airfare becomes available.

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Now visiting a city like Milan doesn’t have to break the bank.  (Photo: Thinkstock)

Typical fare alerts on sites like Kayak or Priceline only email you when fare drops for a specific city. However, DealRay sends you a SMS text message when a fare to any city is ridiculously low. In other words, if you have a flexible schedule and don’t care where you go as long as the fare is cheap, then this app is definitely worth your time.

In order to find the great deals, DealRay has employed a team of technologists and travel experts who use analytics and internet magic to bring the bargains directly to you.

As for the frequency, users can expect to get a DealRay alert every day or two. All of the deals originate in the U.S., and many of them expire in a matter of minutes or hours. 

Here’s the catch — the first month on DealRay is free, and then the service will cost you $9.99 a month. This can certainly add up, but according to the site, members save an average of $318 per deal.

If you like the idea of getting airfare alerts, but don’t want to pay, Flight Fishing and The Flight Deal also offer similar services.

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