10 Questions I Demand The Duffer Brothers Answer In "Stranger Things" Season 5

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🚨 Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 4, vols. 1 and 2. 🚨

It's been about three weeks since we were all emotionally destroyed by Stranger Things 4, Vol. 2, and it's safe to say we're all still trying to heal from the experience.


The GIF above is me ever since Episode 9 dropped...

However, it'll probably be another 84 years before Season 5, aka the final Stranger Things season, is released, so in the meantime, here are my top 10 questions we can all obsess over before we say goodbye to our favorite band of nerds:

1.Will Max's spirit be found in the Upside Down?

A close-up of Max Mayfield with her eyes rolled back in her head while wearing headphones

When we last saw our favorite redhead, she was blind and immobile in a hospital bed after Eleven was unable to save her from Vecna's clutches but was able to at least somewhat resurrect her. While her body is in Hawkins, the Duffers have confirmed to Deadline that she's "brain-dead, blind, and all her bones are broken," so it seems likely that her spirit is somewhere else — probably the Upside Down. Will Eleven go back to save her from Vecna, or will Max find her way back to her body on her own? Or will Lucas be the one to charge into Vecna's den and bring back Max? Or, since Venca isn't in the ~best~ shape after the final fight in Vol. 2, maybe he's not the one who has her spirit. So where is she?! I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW.


2.Will it be revealed that Vecna has a spy working for him in Hawkins? And, if so, will it be the guidance counselor?

A close-up of Miss Kelly in a sweater vest

This was a super-popular theory online after it was revealed that all of Vecna's victims saw the school counselor before being terrorized. I personally agree with fans who believe Vecna has a spy working for him, because it would be way easier to get intel straight from the source who's working with these kids every day. Plus, something seemed kinda off about the counselor when we first saw her speaking to Max, as if she was prying for all the wrong reasons. This would be a wild twist and something that would make jaws drop everywhere.


3.Will any major characters die in the series finale?

Argyle, Jonathon Byers, Will Byers, and Mike Wheeler stand in a group behind Eleven

Much like queen MBB, I, too, believe the Duffer brothers could kill off more beloved characters. The pair seem to have an interesting track record of bringing cool characters into the cast each season, only to kill them off in the same season. Since this will truly be the end of seeing our favorite group together, I think it would be appropriate to go out with a bang and make us lose one or more characters we've known since the very beginning.


4.Will the people of Hawkins finally be privy to the supernatural happenings in their town?

A woman stands in front of a microphone while at a town hall meeting

Look, I don't mean to sound harsh, but how the hell do these people not know ANYTHING about what's been going on in their town?! It's been four years, and you're telling me NO ONE has caught onto the demons, Russian spies, government agents, and superpowered children wandering down their streets?? I truly hope we see this town get their act together and open their eyes in Season 5.


5.Will Nancy and Steve get back together?

Nancy Wheeler sits next to Steve Harrington at a dinner table

This isn't a super-pressing issue, but after Steve's speech about having kids and the long, lingering glances between the two in the Upside Down, I'm once again forced to care about their romantic relationship. TBH, I really hope they don't get back together. These two broke up so long ago and would be wayyy better off as friends. Honestly, I hope Nancy breaks up with Jonathan and starts dating Robin. #TeamRonanceForLife!


6.Will the party find out about Will's sexuality?

A close-up of Will Byers in a short-sleeved striped shirt

Now that Noah Schnapp has officially confirmed that Will is gay and has feelings for Mike, I wonder if Season 5 will see him finding the courage to tell his friends. From their heartwarming chat in the pizza shop, it's obvious that Jonathan already knows. So it seems only fitting that Will would tell his friends, who are part of his family. Even if he doesn't overtly tell them, it would be a beautiful moment for young queer teens to see.


7.Will Eleven sacrifice herself to save Hawkins from Vecna?

Eleven lies in a water tank in a weighted body suit and matching helmet

This show's plot was partly kicked off by Eleven sending Henry into the Upside Down, so it would make sense that she would have to sacrifice herself to stop him, much like the way she sacrificed herself at the end of Season 1. However, if this does happen, will this be a permanent decision in which we'll lose our beloved Eleven forever?

Netflix / Courtesy the Everett Collection

8.Will Eddie return from the Upside Down in a zombie-like state or is he gone for good?

Eddie Munson wears a Hellfire Club T-shirt under a denim vest while making devil horns with his fingers and his tongue sticking out

Okay, look. I know this is a hugggggge pipe dream, but this death was truly the saddest one in all of Stranger Things history (sorry to Barb, Bob, Billy, and Alexei). Eddie was such a breath of fresh air in Hawkins, and it was so sad to see him be taken out, however badass it was. It may seem like a cop-out, but it would be interesting to see him come back to Hawkins, but not as his normal self. There's a popular theory going around in which fans believe Eddie could come back as Kas, a vampire who serves as the right hand to his master (Vecna) before ultimately turning on him to save the day. It probably won't happen, but also, CAN IT PLEASE HAPPEN?!

Netflix / Courtesy of the Everett Collection

9.Will Dmitri (aka Enzo) return to help Hopper and Joyce defeat Vecna?

Dmitri wears a dark jumpsuit as he stands behind prison bars

We love to see an enemy-to-friend storyline. However, in the final moments of Season 4, Vol. 2, our favorite guard seemingly stayed in Russia instead of going to Hawkins with Joyce, Hopper, and Murray. After his speech to Yuri about how Vecna's reach could come for their families in Russia, it's understandable that he would've stayed behind in his motherland to hold everything down. However, it would be awesome to see him reunite with Jopper for their final showdown with the Upside Down.

Netflix / Courtesy the Everett Collection

10.And finally, will Will be the true key to defeating Vecna once and for all?

Will looking in the bathroom mirror

Much like what I said in my question about Eleven, the show's plot was also kick-started by Will being taken into the Upside Down by what we now know was Vecna. And, suspiciously enough, Will is the only person, besides Eleven, to survive going into the Upside Down for an extended period of time. Is it possible that Vecna took Will on purpose because he senses that Will has some untapped powers he could use to take over the world? Will we see Will sacrifice himself for the people and town he loves as he goes toe to toe with the scariest Stranger Things monster to date?! The possibilities are truly endless!!


Do you have any questions that need to be answered in Stranger Things Season 5? Let me know in the comments!