You can now order from MrBeast Burger through your Xbox while gaming — here's how to do it

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  • You can now order MrBeast Burger through video games on Xbox and computers.

  • The Youtuber's virtual restaurant brand struck a partnership with Liifer Thursday.

  • It's the latest expansion for virtual restaurant brands, which have proliferated since the pandemic.

A MrBeast Burger is now a keystroke or controller button press away for Xbox or computer gamers.

The Youtuber's fast food brand is now available through Liifer, a food ordering app that integrates with games, Liifer said Thursday. Users can order fast food from MrBeast Burger's 1,500 locations in the US and Canada. Liifer's platform is accessible in roughly 1,000 video games, and the service also offers food from chains including McDonald's and Papa John's.

"Gamers don't want to interrupt a gaming session to fumble about with a separate phone or computer app," said Louis-Philippe Ostiguy, founder and chief gaming officer at Liifer Technologies. "They want to order their food instantly without having to stop playing."

Customers will get free delivery on MrBeast menu items for a limited time, Liifer said.

The Liifer partnership is the latest expansion for MrBeast Burger. The brand got its start in December 2020 and bears the name of MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. Donaldson worked with Virtual Dining Concepts to create an entirely virtual restaurant brand.

"MrBeast Burger is increasingly popular with gamers, especially after MrBeast was included in Epic Game's Fortnite in December," said Stephanie Sollers, CEO of Virtual Dining Concepts.

MrBeast Burger fills orders using a mix of ghost kitchens, some of which it owns and some it has partnership agreements with. Virtual Dining Concepts' then-CEO Robert Earl told Insider in 2021 that the model allows celebrities to craft their own menus.

For restaurants, it's a low-cost way to increase orders, Earl said.

"You're using your existing kitchen labor force," he said. "You're using your existing rent and your utilities. So it's extremely additive and profitable for the restaurant."

Virtual brands have been a source of growth for restaurants and food delivery services over the last few years, particularly since the early months of the pandemic. But some restaurants have started serving the same menu items under dozens of different brands, leading delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats to crack down on so-called "ghost" menus.

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