The Now-$8 Clear Bag I Use for Concerts and Sporting Events Has One Detail That Earns Me Tons of Compliments

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Clear bag policies have become common over the past few years in order to help keep everyone safe during big events like concerts and sports games. Like many people, I was worried about finding a quality bag that was secure and didn’t ruin my outfit. After trying various styles and sizes, I found that some are far better than others, and the best one is hiding on Amazon.

The Vorspack Clear Bag is now my go-to for any type of event, whether there is a clear bag policy or not, because it’s just that convenient. It’s currently marked down to $8 for Prime members ahead of Black Friday, and non-members can add it to their carts for $10, which is still $2 off the $12 original price. It has two compartments that are great for organization, and the bag itself measures 9 x 6.75 x 2.5 inches to comply with most size restrictions. However, be sure to check your specific venue to confirm what is allowed.

Vorspack Clear Bag, $8 (was $12) at Amazon

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Shop It!

The spacious interior might not look like much at first glance, but for the last concert I attended, I could fit my phone, wallet, keys, VIP pass, large t-shirt, and beanie inside with it fully zipped. The small exterior pocket held 20 bracelets, five stickers, and my ID for easy access.

What I love most is that it comes with two interchangeable and adjustable straps that allow the bag to be worn in three ways. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, crossbody, or clutch, making it incredibly versatile for several occasions. One strap is plain black, and the other features a classic checkered print, which is the one I always wear and get several compliments on. I always get stopped by fellow concert-goers so they can ask where I got my bag, and they’re shocked when I say it’s from Amazon for less than $10.

<p>Carly Kulzer</p>

Carly Kulzer

It might only have 54 five-star ratings from other shoppers as of now, which I know can be intimidating, but I assure you this clear bag is worth it and made of quality materials. It has withstood 20+ hours of packed crowds and long lines at shows, has been to three states, and still looks brand new.

One reviewer described their bag as “super sturdy, stylish, and just the size I needed for wallet, keys, phone, and my large charging block and cord.”

Instead of spending $30 or more on a clear bag at a boutique or department store, turn to Amazon to get yourself the Vorspack Clear Bag while it’s on sale for $8 with Prime. Who knows, it might become your new favorite bag, too.