Notes For Unsolved True Crime: The Perplexing Disappearance of Judge Joseph F. Crater

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Diverse People Smiling

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We're all special in our own way

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Polly Adler, known as the vice queen, at resort. She was hel

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Special agents collect clues in a mock crime scene room call

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Luxury is the keynote in living room of the expensive three-

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Portrait of business man at work

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Polly Adler

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An undated portrait of US President Franklin D. Ro

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Difficult Call

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Still From 1930s Gangster Film

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Postcard with Valentine's Day love puzzle message, 1871

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Artist's letter with blank envelope

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Empty Courtroom

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Robert Young In 'They Won't Believe Me'

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Columbia University, main quad with Low Memorial Library, Upper West Side, New York, NY, U.S.A.

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Watson hall at Lafayette college on a sunny day

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1930s portrait of man, retro

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USA, New York, New York City, Skyscrapers of Manhattan

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Cast Members of Anything Goes

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Policemen in Grand Central Terminal

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Man Selling Roadster After Stock Market Crash

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Polly Adler Signing one of Her Books

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Entrance to Coney Island

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Robert F. Wagner Attending Governmental Finance Meeting

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Judge Joseph Force Crater and Wife

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Judge Joseph Force Crater

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Prospector Panning for Gold

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New York's New Tammany Hall

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Mrs. Stella In A Radio Interview

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Brown envelope.

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Mature woman

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Man working in old distillery

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Judge Joseph Crater

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Judge Joseph Crater

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Judge Joseph Crater

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Ready to cleaning

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CBS Radio...

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Midsection Of Male Lawyer Working With Coworker On Table

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New York Aquarium

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Taking Notes

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Detective board with photos of suspected criminals, crime scenes and evidence with red threads

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Zachary Taylor House, 5608 Pache Road, formerly Blankenbaker Lane, Saint Matthews, Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA, 1933

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Fifth Avenue in the morning, New York City, USA

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City Car Taxi

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Map of middle atlantic states USA 1895

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Lawyer holding document and speaking to jury in courtroom

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Antique photograph of World's famous sites: Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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New York State Supreme Court Building

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Antique chair on the carpet

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Love In The Elephant and Castle

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1920s 1930s WOMAN MAKING A...

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View up Fifth Avenue, New York

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Senator Robert F. Wagner

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Men Meeting Prostitutes Along Street

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Caucasian butler holding umbrella for businessman outside car

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The beautiful one

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Empire Theatre, Broadway, New York City

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People Standing On Stage

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Midsection Of Men Discussing On Table

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Detailed borough map of Manhattan New York city, monochrome vector poster or postcard city street plan aerial view

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Empty New York Streets

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White Paper Sheets

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Foley Square in Manhattan, New York City, USA

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Businessman & Secretary

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Ragged Old Paper

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1920s italian family portrait

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Male 1940s gangster charcater standing by train tracks.

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Man talking to a woman, 1951.

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Man On Phone Sitting At Office Desk Several Papers On Desk Smiling.

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Two young businessmen talking at small desk, (B&W)

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The Man I Killed

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B/W 1939 person getting into Queens taxi / NYC / documentary

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B/W 1927 man panning for gold in bucket of water / Nevada / newsreel

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B/W 1926 people in formalwear smoking at dinner table on cruise ship / newsreel

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LOW AERIAL, Coastline at sunrise, Andrews Island, Maine, USA

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1958 Black and white low angle close up police station sign for "Missing Persons Bureau"/ AUDIO

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Close up 'world premiere' sign on movie theater marquee / Seattle, Washington

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Slow motion close up American flag waving in breeze

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B/W 1940s high angle traffic on city street with people standing on sides at night / Los Angeles

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B/W 1942 extreme close up man whispering into other man's ear / "Divide and Conquer" (documentary)

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B/W close up man's hands counting stacks of dollar bills on table

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B/W 1930s CANTED close up over-the-shoulder woman's hands dialing early telephone

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1952 close up calendar pages go by

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B/W 1939 newsboy runs up to truck, grabs stack of newspapers + starts shouting to sell papers

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time lapse sunrise behind silhouettes of buildings / New York City

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close up PAN of pile of stacks of US money

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52nd Season of the Metropolitan Opera House Opens

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Reenactment, 1929 stock market crash panic

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1956 WS Couple sitting in round leather restaurant booth / USA

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1940s/1950s MONTAGE B/W Cab driver standing next to and getting into his taxicab/ Greenwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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1931 B/W MS PAN TD TU Woman passing gun to undercover police officer in nightclub/ Los Angeles, California, USA/ AUDIO

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1967 MONTAGE Man drinking and smoking at bar, Los Angeles, California, USA, AUDIO

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"1950s CU Man's hands packing suitcase/ St. Louis, Missouri"

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1935 MS POV Car attempting to pass another car on a hill/ Oncoming car forces car back into lane

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1937 FILM MONTAGE CU Man kissing wife and walking out door/ WS Man stepping off porch

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B/W 1935 group of women climbing into car / doorman closing doors / car driving off / NYC

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B/W 1936 high angle man with bathing suit whispering to woman with bathing suit under umbrella on beach

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B/W 1935 close up hand of groom placing ring on finger of bride

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B/W 1933 American Airlines limousine stopping at curb at airport + movie star gets out / industrial

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Bank clerk opening the safe deposit box for a female customer taking out her valuables

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A man's hands count out two piles of twenty dollar bills.

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Ziegfeld girls in costume kick up their legs in unison.

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CU Shot of hand reaching into sack of money

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1952: BROADWAY: MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: NIGHT: VS West 43rd Street w/ vehicles & pedestrians, storefronts, Time Square BG, police officer on horseback stationed outside Henry Miller's Theatre Broadway show, 'The Moon is Blue.' NYC, Theatre District, play

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1937: DRAMATIZATION: Radio announcer reading script into microphone (No SOT). LISTENING TO RADIO: Young adult male sitting by radio making pick list. Group of young adults, CU male finger on newspaper while other male marking pick paper.

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Policemen working

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1937: POLICE PROCEDURE: EXT Police Station w/ two of three lighted globes. INT Police station w/ dectective frisking male suspect. 'Detective Captain' sign on door. Two detectives at desk questioning seated witness.

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Cabs, EXT Clubs

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1944 Governors Conference

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People celebrate prohibition repeal in the US

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1930's cars driving. From 1930's movie film

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Power Cut

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1934 - men, women riding subway standing, swaying as they hang onto straps and read newspapers

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MS ZI Shot of Door of Bureau of Missing Persons

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Shaking hands

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MS POV Shot of Manhattan in New York City at night

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Smart city shoes, businessmen walking in rain. Feet only, rear view.

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Customers sitting in bar, Skid Row, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Hand-to-hand transfer of a white envelope

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A man giving bribe money to another businessman in a corruption scam

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NY Mayor Jimmy Walker in NY City on the night of his re-election

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Elegant blonde woman beautifully looking into the camera

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Ransom money recovered in Lindbergh baby kidnapping case

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The legs of a man walking near the cloud of a smoke. slow motion

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Neon Bar Sign

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American citizen compares criminals to rats

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American woman praises Attorney General Homer Cummings

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1931 Concerned reporter calls area hospitals looking for missing elderly woman

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Special Prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey fights organized crime in New York City in the 1930s

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Champagne drinks and bottles

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Driver's point of view in dark garage

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1968 Scared but quick thinking man lights dead zombie on fire in front of attacking zombies

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Office employee walking down corridor and turing to the left

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Carmarthen by-election

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MONTAGE Housewife reading her shopping list aloud to grocer over telephone, grocer loading goods into box, and another housewife wearing heavy fur coat wandering along city park carrying shopping bundles / England, United Kingdom

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1940s MS Two officers sitting in the back seat of a car while one of them writes down information on a pad of paper / United States

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Panning shot of cars driving on street in city, Park Avenue, New York City, New York State, USA

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Making two shots of hard liquor

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Cars leave New York City's Grand Central Station at night in a vintage film.

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Lester Brocklehurst and Bernice Felton arraigned in Lonoke County Arkansas for murder

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1930's - car driving on driveway front of mansion

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Background mask with damaged frame effect of old film with scratches and flicker 4k

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1940's Panning shot of waiters serving diners in luxury restaurant

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1939 High angle view of people buying tickets at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York State, USA

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Dropping ice cubes. Whiskey Being Poured Into A Glass on Black Background. Close Up.

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