It's Not Too Good to Be True: The Black+Decker Kitchen Wand Is 8 Gadgets in 1

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<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

I’ve long been an avid user of space-saving immersion blenders and their various attachments. I’m partial to the Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender, but it has a few limitations, including a dangling cord and basic accessories. This made me curious about whether the cordless Black+Decker Kitchen Wand 6 Kit and its add-ons could replace not just my immersion blender, but also numerous manual and electric tools jammed in my kitchen drawers.

In true Black+Decker fashion, the company outfitted its Kitchen Wand with an extensive array of attachments powered by a single, rechargeable base. With mix-and-match sets, you can buy just the basic wand and immersion blender and add individual attachments, or you can pick out entire kits complete with storage cases.

To see how well this tool performed all of its tasks, I tested everything: the stick blender and its charging base, the six attachments that come with it in a pair of storage cases, the accompanying lidded mixing cup, and the bonus food chopper and hand mixer attachments.



What We Like

  • Can replace an array of small appliances

  • Cordless, with low-profile charging base

  • Chargeable in or out of the storage case

What We Don’t Like

  • Hefty power unit can feel unwieldy

  • Some attachments lack a secure lock

The Kitchen Wand and Blender

Right away, I liked holding and using the cordless immersion blender. It is easy to angle into a pot or bowl, and I don’t have to worry about dragging the cord through a wide kettle of hot soup.

The battery did require a full charge out of the box, which took several hours. Once topped off, I could blend everything from smoothies to sorbet without running it down to zero. Unlike some rechargeable appliances, the Kitchen Wand can live in its power base even when it’s done charging. I’ve found an inconspicuous place to plug in the charging dock and let the wand top stay in easy reach.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

My initial impression was that the battery made the Kitchen Wand top-heavy and long. The wand top alone weighs 1.25 pounds, but it turns out to be no heavier than the Breville Control Grip. With the immersion attachment locked on, the two stick blenders are almost identical in length.

The Breville immersion blender does surpass the Black+Decker model in speed variability and overall power: 15 speed settings and 280 watts for the Breville unit compared with five speeds and 250 watts for the Black+Decker. This isn’t an issue for most tasks, but I can feel the motor churning harder when I smooth cherries into homemade sorbet.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

The Basic Kit

Black+Decker sells a basic three-in-one kit that fits the wand top and immersion blender into a storage case, along with whisk and milk frother attachments. The kit comes with the charging dock and a lidded mixing cup, although these must be stored separately.

The storage case takes up a fair bit of room, but an insert holds everything in place so that you can set the case flat or on an end. The insert also supports the wand top enough to charge it while in the case. With the cord popped off the charging dock, it stretches beneath the wand top and out the case’s side. Plug it into a power outlet, set the case on a pantry shelf, and store it out of the way to always have a full charge.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

The additional accessories use a clip-in adaptor. The Kitchen Wand offers enough power and speed that the milk frother dissolves chocolate powder into milk and gives the beverage a foamy head. At top speed, the whisk attachment has enough oomph to whip cream. The only challenge is that the adaptor easily twists off the power unit, and high-speed whisking in particular can shake it loose unless the whisk rests against the bottom of the mixing cup or bowl.

The Expansion Pack

The 6 Kit adds a second case that holds three attachments: a wine opener, can opener, and salt and pepper grinder. It doubles the storage footprint but stacks tidily on the first case.

The wine opener and can opener are as effective as other cordless electric models I’ve tried and can replace standalone units that require a separate power source and charger. With the wine opener attached to the wand top, the unit measures almost 16 inches. (If you’re used to a manual opener, this feels quite tall when set over a wine bottle.) The foil cutter snaps onto the attachment, so I don’t have to worry about misplacing it.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

When opening cans, a large lever locks into place so that I never lose the connection, and it cuts below the can lid, leaving a snag-free edge. This attachment’s lever stays securely locked; when I lift it, the lid comes away from the can.

The two-in-one grinder lets me switch between seasonings when blackening a tuna steak or dusting roasted potatoes. With the divided end cap in place, I could even grind fresh pepper and then measure it, a task that usually has me messily twisting a hand grinder over a pinch bowl.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

The Add-Ons

Black+Decker rounds out its attachment options with two separately stored accessories: a two-beater hand mixer and a food chopper. The mixer effectively smooths cake batter, and the beaters pop out for easy cleanup.

The food chopper’s blades are sharp enough to handle almonds and pecans for homemade granola, plus they make quick work of garlic and basil for pesto. A small hole in the lid lets me add lemon juice while running the chopper and then slide the silicone collar in place to cover the hole during the final, mess-free whiz.

<p>The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing</p>

The Spruce Eats / Julie Laing

One final note…

If I could change anything about the Kitchen Wand, I would lock the attachments more securely onto the wand top. Black+Decker designed the attachment point so that it would twist on at four places, rather than requiring one fixed orientation. While nice when swapping accessories, this seems to prevent some attachments from staying securely locked to the wand, especially the adaptor for the milk frother and whisk. 

The Verdict

This kit can replace a plethora of standalone appliances in your kitchen.
The cordless Black+Decker Kitchen Wand nestles into a small charging dock, and even if you use every attachment in the kit, you’re unlikely to run out of power while you prepare a meal.

Product Brand: Black+Decker

Product Name: Kitchen Wand 6 Kit

What’s Included: Wand base, charging dock, 2 storage cases, 6 attachments (immersion blender, wine opener, can opener, milk frother, whisk, and salt and pepper grinder), mixing cup and lid, with optional attachments (food chopper and hand mixer)

Cordless: Yes

Power: 250 watts

Speed Settings: 5

Dishwasher-Safe: Some attachments on top rack only

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