Is This the Tiniest BBQ Known to Man?


Not everyone has room in her backyard for a charcoal grill. Heck, plenty of folks don’t even have a backyard. That’s partly why this itty-bitty barbecue devised by Grant Thompson, the self-proclaimed king of weekend projects, is so tempting.

The other part? It’s just so gosh darn cute.

In the above video, Thompson explains how Mike’s Hard Lemonade recently enlisted him to invent the tiny grill using an empty 23.5-fluid ounce can. With the addition of a wire coat hanger and some odds and ends from the hardware store, Thompson successfully transforms the can into a “Bitty-Q,” a.k.a. the most minuscule grill you’ve ever seen. By all appearances, one can use it to successfully grill a scrumptious-looking hot dog, which Thompson enjoys offscreen.

Can’t you imagine tiny elves barbecuing on this thing? Can’t you?!

[via Laughing Squid]