Not Everyone Is Excited About Dunkin's New Breakfast Tacos...

dunkin breakfast tacos
Dunkin' Just Started Selling Breakfast TacosDunkin'/Clint Blowers

It's been exactly one week since Dunkin' launched its breakfast tacos, and many eager fans have tried the new menu item and shared their reviews online.

A first for Dunkin', the breakfast tacos feature a warm flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, melted sharp white cheddar cheese, and fire-roasted corn. For a final touch, they're drizzled with a tangy lime crema. And since breakfast isn't complete without bacon, you can choose to have your breakfast tacos topped with crispy crumbled bacon.

Dunkin's breakfast tacos certainly sound delicious, but what are people saying about them?

On Twitter, Dunkin' fans had mostly positive reviews of the tacos. Some users in particular seemed to actually be taken aback by how much they liked the new menu item.

But, as the internet has proved time and time again, you can't please everyone.

Praise for Dunkin's breakfast tacos continued on TikTok, although several people were a bit concerned at the lack of taco filling.

"Honestly, it's not bad for a Dunkin' breakfast taco. I wish it was a little more filled and had a little bit more bacon. I kinda like when there's bigger pieces of bacon, but it's actually really good," said TikToker @allisoncrosley.

Another user on TikTok was also a bit bothered by the lack of eggs, cheese, and corn in their taco.

"They're smaller than I thought. I thought they'd be a little thicker, but they do have the scrambled egg. I feel like there's not a lot in here. I'm a little confused. I don't know if the advertisement was a bit deceiving or they did not give me enough in the store," said @cafeconvos.

Well, it looks like the verdict might still be out. What do you think about them?

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