Not even Reba McEntire can resist the TikTok trend about her

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Legendary country singer Reba McEntire had the best version of the "I'm a Survivor" TikTok meme. The trend uses a snippet from McEntire's classic 2001 song "I'm a Survivor." You may recognize it as the theme from the singer's hit WB sitcom Reba. In the comedic meme, people highlight their ordinary life struggles to frame themselves as heroes and heroines. they're hilariously claiming they're brave for doing very basic things. TikToker @lydianoellemyers claimed she was a "survivor" when she carried her groceries out of the car without her husband's help. Meanwhile, TikToker @iconaklast's version showed him throwing out expired milk — an arduous task — dressed like McEntire herself. "When my husband forgets to put gas in my car and I'm forced to actually stop at a gas station," @mommytransformer said in her caption. "When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed," McEntire wrote. The country singer carried two buckets of food up to her stable of donkeys. The singer was right — the animals weren't interested at all. McEntire's video racked up 18.9 million views