This Is Not A Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors

Kelly O'Sullivan
·1 min read
This Is Not A Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors

We've come a long way since The Great Dr Pepper Shortage of 2020.

Last summer, the drink totally disappeared from store shelves. Increased demand coupled with production delays related to the pandemic led to Dr Pepper being in very short supply. For people like Ladd, who drinks four cans of the sweet nectar a day, this was a trying time.

Now, eight months later, Dr Pepper is back in a big way. The beloved soda—or "pop," if you're from the Midwest—has returned to its full-stock glory and launched a new line of products.

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"The Zero you've been waiting for... is finally here," Dr Pepper recently announced on Twitter.

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, the latest of the brand's better-for-you offerings, is now available in three flavors: original, cherry, and cream. Each flavor contains—you guessed it!—zero grams of sugar.

Longtime lovers of Diet Dr Pepper, which is unofficially the best diet soft drink on the market, are probably wondering what this means for the future of their dear D.D.P.

Fear not, soda fiends, because there's a key difference between the Diet and Zero Sugar versions of Dr Pepper that assures they'll both have a place in this world. Dr Pepper Zero Sugar is sweetened with a combination of aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which makes it slightly more syrupy (read: realistic). Diet Dr Pepper, on the other hand, is sweetened with only aspartame. Science!

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