Not Your Average Hill Bomb: Tanner Napper Barges This Steep SF Street On A Traffic Barricade

Tanner Napper is an animal. If you skate, chances are he's popped up in your feed from time-to-time bombing some crazy SF hill on some unconventional item with wheels and trucks bolted to it.

Be it guitars, a TV, crutches, a surfboard—and I'm not lying when I say the list goes on—or his latest video below, it might be funny and comical to watch, but there is a serious level of confidence, fearlessness and straight up control baked into these viral videos.

That hill is insane to bomb in general, and anyone who has seen it in real life would most likely admit they wouldn't step to it. And it's not hard to tell...he's sailing down that thing at top speed. What a G!

Of course a viral post like this will attract the attention of the masses, and when you have that many eyeballs on you, you're bound to find some gems in the comments. I liked: "When she says come over after work." "OSHA approved." "Mandatory drug test required!" "Bob the bomber 💣" "Damn city workers never get things done" And that's hardly scratching the surface.

This is sketchy and epic all the same. Insane and insanely impressive. Not much else to say. Godspeed, Tanner! Keep 'em coming.

Video / @tannernapper

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