‘Norts’ and a T-Shirt Is the ‘Trashiest’ and Most Popular Look of the Summer

The latest Internet topic dividing the masses strangely concerns women’s casual dress — specifically, oversized T-shirts and athletic shorts, like “norts” — a nickname commonly associated with Nike shorts.

The oversized T-shirt and Nike shorts look is taking over social media. (Photo: Twitter)
The oversized T-shirt and Nike shorts look is taking over social media. (Photo: Twitter)

Popular Twitter account Common White Girl recently posted a photo of an article from Total Frat Move with the headline “Norts Under An Oversized T-Shirt Is The Ugliest Outfit A Girl Can Wear,” and attached a pretty strong message to it — “I’ve never cared less in my entire life.”

It seems the account’s blasé reaction to the unfavorable take on the ensemble has resonated with many. The tweet garnered almost 900 likes and over 3,000 favorites — along with many replies and reposts that emphasize similar feelings.

This look — easily replicated — is favored by teenagers and young women. It’s also one of the most divisive.

Wearers proudly flaunt and broadcast their outfits:

However, critics have also chimed in. When Madison Herber stepped out of her car wearing a large pink T-shirt that covered her shorts at a gas station in Texas, a male stranger approached her to tell her she looked “very trashy.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” Herber told Yahoo Style. “I was in total shock this person went out of their way to attack and condemn me for no reason at all.”

Additionally, in early June, Twitter user Brenna Holtzclaw wrote, “I feel so attacked” alongside a screenshot of a Facebook post written by a man named David Kimmel-Spivey.

“What the crap is up with these basic a** teenage girls that look like crap wearing a huge baggy t-shirt and micro mini shorts,” he said of Hailey Baldwin’s look and the trend. “It looks like they’re only wearing a baggy t-shirt that you would barely even sleep in and some basic flip-flops but they’re carrying a designer handbag. I just saw a few of these disgusting creatures aka #trashwalkers.”

Holtzclaw’s tweet featuring her reaction to Kimmel-Spivey’s post has racked up more than 20,000 likes and about 7,000 retweets. Despite some opinions that the look is too laid-back to be worn in public — and even described by many as “lazy” — women are proudly flaunting their “trashwalker” status on social media.

While the norts and oversize T-shirt combo is not new, it’s only recently become a symbol of empowerment for women — who are using the the lackadaisical look to signal, in part, we wear what we want. Bring on summer.

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