North Carolina Shelter Seeks Home For “Resilient” Senior Dog Who Has Been “Pretty Unlucky In The Eye Department”

“At heart, Slanna is just like any other dog, but being blind does come with a few special adjustments.”

<p>SPCA of Wake County</p>

SPCA of Wake County

A North Carolina animal shelter is looking for a home for a senior dog who has been “pretty unlucky in the eye department.”

Ten-year-old Slanna was already missing her left eye when she arrived at SPCA of Wake County in Raleigh two months ago.

Samantha Ranlett, a spokesperson for the SPCA of Wake County, told The News & Observer that the black-and-white mixed breed pup is believed to have suffered “some kind of trauma” at some point. Due to her age and other infections in her right eye, veterinarians at the organization removed her remaining eye about six weeks ago. Slanna is now happy and healthy, albeit completely blind.

“She is resilient, and she's found a way to adapt to her new sightless world,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Slanna relies on her other senses like smell and sound to get around and find her people. She can smell or hear you to find your location in a heartbeat.”

“From her perspective—dogs with disabilities—they don’t know they are any different from other dogs,” Ranlett explained to The News & Observer. “They want to feel loved, feel happy, enjoy their lives, have food and shelter. Slanna hopes to have the same care as anyone else.”

Though she might be just like any other dog at heart, rescuers warn that being blind does come with “a few special adjustments,” noting that Slanna’s future family may want to pick a consistent walking route, and have other household dogs that are “patient,” as Slanna can’t see body language cues.

“She may take some time to learn her new space, but once she's gotten the lay of the land, she can navigate it like a pro (just be careful about moving furniture)!” the shelter points out.

She might need a few special accommodations, but Slanna will pay that back in full through love and devotion.

"Dogs with disabilities are great teachers,” Ranlett said. “You can see this in Slanna’s spirit that she is completely happy and wants the simple things in life. She wants someone who can see past her disability and love her anyway, the way she will love them.”

Though technically still available, Slanna currently has a pending adoption application. For more information on how to adopt visit 

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