Who is Noah Glenn Carter? Everything to know about ‘the most recognizable face’ on TikTok

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If you’re ever feeling lost about the latest TikTok drama, you’re in luck. Just make sure you follow Noah Glenn Carter — a popular TikToker known for breaking down internet controversies so you don’t have to.

Who is Noah Glenn Carter?

The 26-year-old Alabama native has been called one of “the most recognizable faces on TikTok” for his popular explainer videos, which have a simple, straightforward style that makes them easy to follow. Each one is told in 60 seconds or less and features Carter speaking about a different topic against a green screen. Behind him, footage of the story he’s “reporting” on plays in the background.

So far, Carter has touched upon everything from the frozen Fruit Roll-Up debate to the recent rumors about JoJo Siwa being pregnant.

What does Noah Glenn Carter talk about on TikTok?

Not everything Carter covers is based on an internet controversy, though. Sometimes the influencer shares strange-but-true stories the general public may not have heard about before.

For example, Paul Karason — the man with blue skin:

Or how about this guy, who allegedly found a “glitch” in an ATM and withdrew over $1 million in four months.

Or this waitress named Tonda, who was working at a Waffle House in 1999 when a patron gave her a lottery ticket as a tip — and she won.

According to Insider, Carter began his TikTok “career” by recording and sharing lip-synching and dance videos. But eventually, he began to go in a different direction, exposing fellow TikTokers and talking about other things about influencer culture.

“Bro knows everything everywhere,” someone commented on one clip.

“All at once,” Carter jokingly added.

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