Noah Beck Seemingly Clarifies His Kiss With Dixie D’Amelio Didn’t Mean Anything: “It’s Called a Music Video”

Carolyn Twersky
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From Seventeen

  • Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck have been sparking dating rumors for a few weeks.

  • In Dixie's new music video for the "Be Happy" remix, the pair shared a kiss.

  • But Noah just claimed the smooch was simply for the video and didn't actually mean anything.

OK, Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck need to seriously stop playing with my heart. They're just friends, but then they're super flirty, and then they KISS, but no, they're just friends. I mean, something seriously isn't adding up here. Because, even though the pair just shared a kiss in Dixie's new music video, Noah is claiming it doesn't mean anything.

When talking to the paparazzi on Saturday night, Noah was asked about the kiss. "Yeah, it's called a music video," he said, seemingly writing off the kiss as acting. The paparazzi then asked if this means that he is officially dating Dixie now. "No, it's a music video. That's it," he responded.

I'm sorry, but Noah and Dixie should get an award for their acting in "Be Happy", because they look so into each other. I mean, see for yourself:

As I said, Dixie and Noah have been denying dating rumors for awhile, with Dixie even saying she wouldn't go out with anymore TikTok boys after her breakup from Griffin Johnson in July. Still though, I can't help but root for this relationship just a little.

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