No Wedding Is Complete Without Renting This Prosecco Trailer

Photo credit: Instagram @taptrailerco
Photo credit: Instagram @taptrailerco

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Weddings are fun. OK … open bars are fun. I don’t know about you, but attending a wedding that includes a trailer stocked full of prosecco is the only nuptials I want to go to.

The Bubble Tap Trailer by Tap Trailer Co. provides prosecco and sparkling wine on tap. You can book it for a wedding, bachelorette party, birthday, or any other kind of celebration you can think of. The 12-by-9-by-7-foot trailer itself was completely revamped from an old one, and is almost unrecognizable. The inside will soon be transformed into a photo-booth space called The Champagne Room.

In order to book the trailer (there’s only one right now), you need to do so at least 3 weeks in advance due to alcohol-catering permit processing time. The cost of the rental depends on how many guests will be attending the party, but there’s a flat fee, which includes 3 hours of use. There’s a minimum two-keg purchase, and each one holds 26 bottles, or 130 glasses of bubbly.

Unfortunately, The Bubble Tap Trailer is only available in Southern California and there’s a $2-per-mile fee for travels more than 10 miles outside of Santa Monica.

And if you’re not completely sold yet, Lance Bass of *NSYNC signed as a partner. And no, it ain’t no lie.

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