There Are No Retrogrades Until April 2024 — Here’s a Tarot Card Spread to Celebrate

Tarot Card Reading

This month begins an auspicious period known as ‘all planets direct’ in astrology. From January 27, 2024, until April 1, 2024, no retrograde planets will be active in the sky. This means no more technology mishaps, communication breakdowns, and unnecessary drama (for the most part). With all the cosmic bodies moving together in forward motion—it’s your chance to make something magical happen without the planets conspiring to thwart you. Curious about what the stars are saying you should focus on? Grab your favorite tarot deck, we’ve got a three-card tarot spread that will open your third eye!

Card One: The External Problem

The first card you draw will represent the problems in your life coming from the outside world. This card could symbolize where you feel too much pressure is being put on you by others or you have to give more of yourself than you’re capable. While the tarot card you pull here might represent a specific person or situation, it can also symbolize a more abstract problem you’re dealing with. Stay open-minded about what this card could mean as you pull the next card.

Card Two: The Internal Issues

The second card you draw will represent your inner critic. This card shows where you’re holding yourself back — even if others see something special in you. Self-sabotage is one of the many ways we find ourselves stuck in the same situations. Let this card open your mind to where you’re letting yourself down and how the negative self-talk hurts you. It’s important to note that the card you pull here can also represent a doubt or worry placed there by someone else! We often internalize what others say, even if it doesn’t resonate. Be mindful to ask where these cycles began — so you can end them for good.

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Card Three: The Spiritual Solution

The third card you pull represents the solution at hand. Now that you know what keeps you stuck or uninspired, you can plan to change your path. This card will show you where to pour your energy and focus during all planets direct to get the most favorable outcomes. You might get hit with a reality check on this third card—so don’t be surprised if you feel called out. Be open to what the cards say and accept the good and the bad without judgment.

Bonus Card: The Alternate Path

Not feeling encouraged by that third card? Or maybe you need clarification on your situation. You can pull a bonus card that shows you an alternative path to where you want to go. Be warned, for some of you, this card will just redirect you back to what that third card told you. If that’s the case, you can use this information to help you tackle your situation from a different angle so you can claim the success that’s yours!

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