No One Really Needs This Body Pillow, But I Can No Longer Live Without It

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Astrology is a fantastic tool for thought-provoking introspection. But so is your bedding. (Blame it on the lifestyle writer job title, perhaps.) Are you a jersey knit duvet cover kind of guy? Then I’d assume you enjoy your alone time and have lots of minimalistic Ikea furniture. Are you a breezy linen-sheets-only kind of gal? Then I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a bit quirky and dabble in cottagecore decor. So, what does it say about me now that I have a 7-foot-long, worm-adjacent body pillow sitting pretty atop my bedspread?

Bearaby (you may know the brand from its signature cult-favorite knit weighted blankets) debuted the $199 Cuddler just this morning for all our dire, snuggly, and spine-centric fall needs. And full disclosure, the pillow doesn’t reach 7 feet. Its 8.8-pound natural rubber foam interior, which the brand calls Melofoam, only stretches 6 feet, 8 inches long and covers the entire length of my queen mattress. After testing it out for a few nights, I can tell you that it’s not exactly what I’d call “essential.” That said, it’s probably the best thing to happen to my apartment since my building became rent stabilized.

Cuddler, $199

Bearaby specializes in the ultimate form of self-care: sleep. Instead of classic mattresses and sheets, however, the brand provides the masses with innovative weighted blankets, eye-catching knot cushions, and now sustainable body pillows (well, the entire inventory is sustainable). You may recognize Bearaby’s prized weighted blankets by their unique knit weaves and earthy colorways — your average weighted blanket takes on the form of a basic comforter or a fuzzy throw. As for price point, you’ll find that its organic cotton products retail a tad higher than usual, similar to Brooklinen, Gravity, Parachute, and the like.

We’re thrilled to introduce The Cuddler — our sustainable foam body pillow that provides ergonomic support and adds beauty to any space.

Kathrin Hamm, Bearaby Founder & CEO 

Cuddler Cover, $129

I must say, when I think of body pillows, I can’t fend off my intrusive thoughts about the romance culture surrounding them. That’s definitely a story for another day. But I just want to clarify that when I gush about “loving” this bed accessory, it’s strictly platonic. When they’re not drowning in marriage proposals, body pillows are known to alleviate back pain, provide lumbar support, and induce sweet uninterrupted dreams, according to Spine-Health. They also range anywhere from $20 to $400, depending on what you’re looking for. Usually the higher the price, the more back benefits, durability, and sleeping experience.

After opening up my Cuddler and washing the removable knit cover (the box made it smell a little odd), I noticed I loved the appearance. Even without the cover on, it just looks like a quality stark-white pillow. Bearaby representatives explain the Cuddler can be your “spooning partner, pregnancy pillow, back-and-joint supporter, or stress reliever.” When you squish the rubber Melofoam, it bounces right back. If you’re looking for memory foam that holds its shape, try a different cushion. This was a major plus for me, as I can configure it however I want without having to reshape it — it’s currently placed comfortably behind my back and bordering my arms as I type away. Despite the squishiness, it keeps me upright with ease. Might I also mention the promised breathability truly delivers as the temperature of my snooze didn’t budge in the slightest.

Cotton Napper, $199

I stand at 5 feet and 8 inches, so I appreciate the length. Apparently, plenty of body pillows do hit the 82-inch-long mark, so this isn’t revolutionary but a bonus nonetheless. I’m also remarkably single, and this pillow truly was a great spooning partner. The human x body pillow couples might just MIGHT be onto something.

In terms of the aforementioned thought-provoking introspection, I’d say this pillow’s placement atop my bed aligns with my homey Cancer sun sign. Meaning, I absolutely do not need another reason to extensively dwell beneath my covers — unfortunately, I now own the Cuddler, which I highly recommend for stressed-out sleepers or gifting. Seeing the sun is overrated anyway.

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