‘No Man’s Sky Echoes' Welcomes New Alien Species and Expands Space Combat

Unlock new tech, build a holographic museum, and more

Fact checked by Jerri Ledford

New aliens and more space combat? Yes, please! And if you need more distraction, you can even build a Wonder Projector or a couple of multitools.

No Man's Sky gets its 26th major content expansion with the new Echoes update, which brings expanded space battles and a new alien species to the forefront.

We're now 26 named updates in, and, much like our universe itself, No Man's Sky continues to grow. Version 4.4, Echoes, gives you a new group of aliens to interact with (learn the language, discover technology, unlock cosmetics, etc.), introduces nuanced capital ship battles, and a whole lot more.

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The Autophage are a visually diverse and secretive civilization of autonomous machines (sort of like the Korvax, but more hardware-focused) with a history waiting to be uncovered. A new set of missions lets you dig up more details on their origins, speak face-to-face, and possibly unlock new cosmetics to give your Traveler a new robotic look. Regular faction missions to increase standing and earn random rewards will also be available from the Autophage once you've started a rapport with them.

If you're more interested in action, head out into space and find a capital ship to attack—whether it's a peaceful freighter or one of the new aggressive pirate dreadnaughts. Individual components can be targeted for a bit more tactical control over the battle, and you can even fly in close for a "trench run" at more vulnerable structures. A new starship function also lets you divert power between your engines, shields, or weapons to help you close the distance, withstand heavy fire, or blast your enemies into dust.

Still more added content includes the option to build a Wonder Projector for your base, which can be used to generate a 3D image of your favorite discoveries (plant, animal, or even celestial bodies). But if curating a virtual museum isn't your thing, you can also hunt down a new Atlantid class multi-tool or craft a two-handed Voltaic Staff (also a multi-tool). PSVR2 users can make use of eye-tracking that sharpens resolution where they're looking (foveated rendering), while Switch players will notice improved visuals and smoother performance. Also capes. Cape cosmetics are finally being carried over to the Switch version.

You can download the new Echoes update for No Man's Sky today across almost all available platforms (Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox). Switch players will have to wait a little longer once again, however, as version 4.4 hasn't hit Nintendo's console just yet—historically, it's usually a few days to a week behind.