'No Demo Reno' Star Jenn Todryk Reveals Her Top Fall Design Predictions

jenn todryk in a kitchen
'No Demo Reno' Star Jenn Todryk Shares Design TipsLindsey Carpenter Photography

Ever since Jenn Todryk’s HGTV show No Demo Reno premiered in 2021, fans have watched in awe as the Texas-based designer has completely transformed her clients' homes without major structural changes. Whether you're a longtime viewer or recently got hooked, you likely can't get enough of her clever home design tips and takes. As new episodes of the third season continue to air on Thursdays, we tapped Todryk—who is also known as The Rambling Redhead—for intel on everything from the home feature she recommends splurging on to her favorite design trends and 2024 predictions. Plus, we even got the scoop on what fans might be surprised to learn about the blogger and owner of Armor Brewing Co.

jenn todryk in a kitchen
Lindsey Carpenter Photography

Throughout No Demo Reno's history, Todryk says the most common area her clients want her to tackle is the kitchen. "It's the heart of the home," Todryk tells House Beautiful. "It's what people put their budget towards first—new cabinets, countertops, backsplash. Everyone wants either a more beautiful kitchen or a kitchen that functions more properly for them."

For anyone embarking on a kitchen project who also happens to have cabinets that are dated or shallow, Todryk recommends splurging on new cabinetry. Investing in tall, deep cabinetry can easily modernize the interiors while enhancing storage space. "And, of course, just adding paint and hardware seals the deal," Todryk adds.

Apart from revamping your home on a budget, a no-demolition renovation can offer true customization. Case in point: Upon her client's request, Todryk found a way to seamlessly build a dresser into her living room. The designer explains: "A client wanted a place to put all her kids' clothes for the week in her living room, next to her TV, so she needed it concealed. Basically, I built a dresser next to a television in a living room. I thought it was really creative and innovative and truly custom to what that family needed to help her home function as a mom to four kids that were getting ready in the morning."

As far as design trends go, Todryk is currently loving "dark woods as accent pieces in home renovations mixed with other tones of wood" and items with intricate detailing, including trim, knobs, and lighting. "It's kind of this old colonial feel that is coming into homes now that I really like," she says. "It's like a little touch of old, but it feels very new and modern at the same time."

She believes dark wood tones along with moody colors will make a stronger appearance in people's homes next year as they continue to get more comfortable with it now. In 2024, she also predicts closed-concept homes will be more coveted because "you have more walls to decorate," which adds character and enhance a home's cozy atmosphere. "People are learning to love the house that they are in or maybe the one that they just got given the demands of the market," Todryk says. "So, they are renovating these older homes and actually looking at it from a different perspective and liking the closed concept versus wishing they had the kind of open big box feel."

When it comes to decorating her own home, Todryk revealed that she used to be a big faux plant lover, but has changed her point of view. "Over the past five years or so, I've really had fun buying real plants slowly and keeping them alive and being successful in that," Todryk says.

For aspiring real plant parents, Todryk recommends easing into it and not trying to "be a full gardener all at the same time." She advises, "one at a time, figure out the plant and try to keep that one alive before you try to take on another plant baby. I can say, I thoroughly enjoy having real plants and no longer think that they are a complete pain in the butt!"

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